Jock Stirrup appeals to PM to let Swiss Des remain Def Sec

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Because one good turn deserves another.
  2. Looks like Sir Jock knows what side his bread is buttered and who is worth staying friends with.

    Unlike our outspoken hero General Dannatt who instead has earned the respect of the men.
  3. So who can you trust?

    I'm sure it's like the Last Bunker in Berlin down there at No 10 nowadays. Everyone giving the Luger a pullthrough and light oiling, ready for the right moment; a jerrycan of petrol hidden in the cupboard and a lickspittle Leutnant with a Ronson at the ready.

    Well, I hope so. Meanwhile, Doenitz straightens his cap, considers his future (for the next three years?) and marches out to meet the voters.
  4. What Labour MP would be in a position to replace him and do a less bad job? What's the point in putting politicians on a short-posting merry-go-round if it takes time to get into the intricacies of the job? That makes it too easy to deny responsibility because they can always blame their predecessor.
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  6. MMMM

    For my 64 cents worth - dont believe everything you read. Even the Torygraph sports bull shat and rumours - I trust jurno's words like banks - I dont believe them at all.
  7. The same newspaper reported that the insignificant squirt Miliband said he would resign if he was moved from Foreign Secretary, and the oily, deceptive twerp Purnell said something similar.

    Now the one-eyed oaf Brown knows what it is like to be blackmailed.

    If he had an ounce of courage he would sack both before they could resign. If he had two ounces of courage he would call a General Election and then they would all be out of the trough - oops! sorry, out of their jobs.
  8. Nail. Head. Don't we all complain that senior management have a 2 year view on things? A bit of continuity wouldn't be a bad thing - lots going on across 2 theatres, procurement etc etc. I'd not be wanting to re-train a new minister next month when the shuffle is due.
  9. Brilliant! - and probably very close to the truth - figuratively if not, sadly, literally.
  10. I know the papers are not always worth believing, but the Daily Hate yesterday mentioned that Des The Cnut's potential replacement was the opportunist Shaun Woodward....remember what he came to notice for?
    Tin (foil) hats on boys & girls!
  11. Now then Sir Stirrup Pump may simply be engaging in that old saw "Better the devil you know" or indeed having discovered he can run rings around the mendacious lawyer batard, why would he wish to replace him with somebody possibly brighter* and less "manageable"?

    *Edited to add - somebody possibly brighter is of course a bit difficult to quantify in Swiss' case. Does anybody have a reliable estimate on amoeba numbers?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's a very good point there Cuddles. You only have to look at US presidents through the ages to realise that it's better to have a manageable dullard in power than an intelligent and strong blerk that may do something you don't like.
  13. Swiss Des looks like he needs all the help he can get, and may be isolated from Broon. He may be clinging on to the CDS like a drowning man holding on to a liferaft, a situation that offers a lot of advantages to Sir Jock Strap, who is clearly no fool (Harrier pilots seldom are, even though they are intensely annoying in every other way :twisted: ). This is better than some shiny new SoS with lots of dangerous ideas and a desire to make a mark of some kind. 8O You can't exactly call Des a politician on the way up...he is treading water and hoping to make it to the red benches with some sort of reputation salvaged from the mess that is defence.
  14. They can work together to explain the £300M shortfall for two years and the £2Bn for the next 8, and at the same time spin it as more money in "real terms".