Jock done good

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Talent, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Money, money, money.

    He was an Able Seaman for 2 years in the Royal Navy, does that help?

    The court in Marbella has been waiting 18 months for Sean Connery and

    his wife Micheline to respond to questions regarding an alleged money
    laundering operation related to sale of the Connery villa.
    It has been estimated that Marbella Town Hall lost out to the tune of
    €2.7 million because of the deal which has been estimated to have
    generated profits of 53 million as 72 luxury apartments were built on
    the site of the villa, previously owned by the Connerys.
    The actor and his wife face money laundering charges, with reported
    transfers of more than 37 million € abroad, to the U.K. and Uruguay
    reported to be under investigation.
    80 year old Sean Connery claimed reasons of poor health for his lack
    of an appearance in October 2010 despite being told, by letter to his
    house in Nassau, that ‘all legal measures available, both in national
    legislation and international legislation would be used’ to oblige
    Connery and his wife to declare. Bail was set at 3.3 million € for the
    couple in terms of civil responsibility.
  2. Any links?
  3. Funny how he is such a good Scottish patriot but rarely goes there. Mine you, neither would I if I was his age. i am not being disparaging, but kerrist on an Emirates flight to Mecca, it is bloody cold and wet there (often).
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

  5. How has he done well?

    "Do you ekspect me to talk?
    No you over-rated, wife-beating scotch twat, we expect you to pay your taxes!"
  6. The money he has and he's still into dodgy deals! allegedly. :)
  7. Can't see the relevance of his so called 'patriotism' to the story but if we're going down that tired old path, I suppose he's no different to the little Englanders who've been living in Spain for the past 30-40 years, running 'Fish & Chip' Shops and doss holes called the 'Red Lion' which are usually full of England top wearing, obnoxious, middle aged fat bastards who "Ain't eating that foreign muck! I'll have the steak and kidney pud' and two veg' please, Norman" I suppose?
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  8. Ding Ding, round one......
  9. Tedious isn't it?
  10. [h=2]"Jock done good" So doing good is measured by wealth?[/h]
  11. Nope Stoorie as an English man I fully concur with Biscuits.

    Saw 1 of these creatures in his safari suit towing his missus round to look for a pudding tin so he could have his Sunday dinner.

    All the foods of Spain and this tosser wants a Sunday roast
  12. Hi Biscuits AB, I don't know how it got turned into your rant but I thought there were as many tapas dodgers in Third Division North as anywhere else? Certainly here in Spain there are dodgy Tartan Bars and dodgy Irish Bars (there must be some Taff ones, anybody know?). One of my fav Rab C. Nesbitt scenes is where he stands on the roof terrace of the holiday villa and sees his Spanish equivalent on the terrace next door. I can't mind the Latin for it....
  13. ....................................

    Would that have been a Lorne Tin (full of square sausage?) for starters.