Jock Crawl 2010?

Which Weekend for the Jock Crawl 2010?

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This post should perhaps have been posted in Charidee 'n' Benefits section, but due to the attention/abuse/pelters it may generate, I posted it here.

Mods please shift this/kick it into touch, as you see fit.

At the prompting of (hijacking of another thread) by Rampant... **cough**

Any one up for a Jock Crawl this year?


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I resent that, I do not hijack threads and deviate them for my own twisted opining............. no I accost them in restaurants, whisper sweet words in their ear whilst dropping roofies in their Morgans n DC.

Anyhoo I think I'll make it this year.....
Dates dependant, I should be able to make it, but I'm not the token weedgie soap dodger ok :)


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Throw in the last two weekends of October (23-24th/30-31st)and the last 2 of Nov (20-21st/27-28th) those are Sat-Sun dates btw, Fridays can be done too, or other weekends,or months subject to status and availabilty* how do those sound for starters?

* status is defined by the capacity for tequila, availabilty by the looseness of knicker elastic

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