Jobsworth B@stards!

7.00pm : the two weary reserve Divisions of XI Corps begin their final 7-mile march to the battle area, but are constantly delayed by road traffic and halts at level crossings. A military policeman stops some units moving through Bethune, as they were without passes. 8O
The above quote is taken from an account of the Battle for Loos in 1915. Bloke must have been an absolute star to stop entire units from going into battle without the right paperwork!

Any other jobsworth stories?
Béthune, superb place (twin town of Hastings, my god I've had a few beers in those places).

Said minkey was probably geting a cut of the takings from the cigarette factory that was operating as military bath unit throughout the war, and/or from the local brothels.

Talking of which, one of these brothels (which I believe to now be the Blue Lagoon) is where Prince Edward (of Wales, then subbie in Queens' co 1GG) lost his virginity - or at least reinforced his failure to retain it.

But then, the place was full of brothels - the HAC batteries (infantry were elsewhere) kept a tight grip (oo-err missus) even during the March '18 offensive. At one stage they had FOOs on top off the slag heaps with field guns firing over their heads - howitzerville!.
I could understand if they were going on the lash, but this was the biggest battle of the war (up to that point), still given how it all turned out it probably was a good thing for some of them anyway!
One theory is that the cavalry reserve was kept by Haig so that he could stitch up Sir John French - at the time commmanding the BEF. Requests for infantry to support attacks and cavalry to exploit successes were not acceded to.

Haig's machinations at Army and political level (via friendship with the King, and wife i/w to Her Maj) resulted in him taking over not long after.


If I was a soldier somewhere in Europe in 1915.........I'd have been chuffed to fcuk if some monkey stopped me going to the front because I didn't have the correct paperwork.

I'll bet that Monkey was very popular with some units.


I could imagine him being run over by one of my pln cvrw but only if he was stupid enough to stand in front of whatever was towing us to battle!
Black adder moment
I must have left my pass at shorncliffe I'll just pop back and get it (':twisted:')
Might have been more to do with unit passes to move on already overcrowded routes? Like convoy credits, infiltration passes for allied MSRs?

Possibly, not actually checking every soldier's MOD 90?

However, more jobsworth stories would be welcome. Barstards.

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