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Jobsites for when we've left

Alot of jobs see you as military and leaving but they also see if you have a lack of experience or qualifications in a job your after.

In resettlement do a course that is worth something.

At end of day it depends whether or not your wanting a job that runs in line to what your trade is/was in the military obv.

Don't believe that crap " every one will lap you up as you were/are military"

Good Luck

ps. Adecco are a good agencie
Sleeper - PM for more info!! :D

I'm still agog that Anya19832434blah has got the cojones to advise members of the world's greatest fighting machine how to find outside employment. Anyone who takes advice from that heap has seriously low ambitions. Skip licker, anyone?

Poppy - the reason that most reputable 'CP' companies are so short of women is because they're mostly cr@p. Womens' rights are all well and good, but count for precisely zero when trying to carry an injured 20 stone Arab fat man through the souk.


**Edited to sort out the appalling grammar**
Go to your Education and Training Section [or whatever it's called in the Army] - they will advise you on resettlement, courses, funding for courses, job searching and so on. That's one of the reasons they're there...

Google search for 'employment agencies' and other likely titles and you will find hundreds of sites. Also look in the newspapers in the 'jobs vacant' section. Loads of websites with the ads.

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