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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by diplomat, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Left over 6 years ago and seem to remember at the Financial Brieifing that your Army Pension was not taken into account as income if you want to claim jobseekers.

    Mate of mine wants to claim, but also want's to be sure what situation is before he goes to see jobsworths at job centre. He's just finished contract work and is having a break, but wants his cash of Bliar's lot for a few beers at the weekend! LOL
  2. Fraid you were given duff info if tht's what you were told, all income is taken into account - been there done that!!
  3. if you declare it
  4. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    So I can tell him he'll get fcuk all off them then?

    Many thanks for advice
  5. Mrs P was down the Jobcentre the other day when one of the local chavs asked for the form "that lets me claim me dosh cos I'm off on holiday for two weeks" :evil:

    If they can claim Jobseekers when swanning around Spain and not seeking work...can you see where I'm going with this? :)
  6. Yup, but when I left, they knew roughly how much I was getting in pension terms. I didn't get a bean, although they did pay my NI stamp! Actually, that's quite important to get that paid, because it could affect how much you get in the state pension.
  7. You're right, all you are entitled to is geting your stamp paid. They told me that I wasn't entitled to jack sh*t because my Army pension was to high. The lass who was dealing with me was quite sympathetic really. As she said, it's a shame that you work all your life for a pension and when you get it, it's taxed, which helps the lazy workshy chav c*nt at the next desk get his 'benefits'. I declared my war pension two weeks ago to another lass, who wasn't so sympathetic. She couldn't get the paperwork out of my hand fast enough, mumbling away that with this additional payment maight meqan that I have to pay my own stamp. I told her that I would only need to pay my own stamp if I went self employed. She didn't believe me and when I left, she was on the phone to some f*cker querying what I was now entitled to or not as the case may be.

    It's as if they begrudge you every penny. As I've been travelling the length of this f*cking country to interviews for jobs that are already spoken for, I asked if the Job Centre would help me out with my travel expenses. F*ck you'd think I was asking thjem to dip into their own pockets. You are entitled o get some form of 'MMA' type payment, but they'll only send you by the cheapest route. Fine I said, I'm off to Carmarthen next week. After working it all out she said that they could give me a return ticket to Cardiff. My interview was quite early that day so I explained to her that I would need to seek overnoght accommodation and bus fare from Cardiff to Carmarthen. We can't help you with that, she told me. Well, that means that I'll either have to set off the night before and pay my own accommodation and travel between Cardiff and Carmarthen or hope thatI can time it right and save on the hotel bill by setting off about 3am (ish). Nothing she could do about that she said. Well, tell you what, what's about I drive there and you help me with the petrol cost. Nope, I can give you the train ticket and thats it. Thanks, you've been ever so helpful, I hope you get type 2 diabetes you fat f*ck.

    They've be hinting that if I don't find a job in my specialist field, they may have to find one for me. Fine i tiold them, here's my letter from the VA, it sayd my disablement has been assessed at 80%, you go find me a job.

    I'm off back to University, f*ck them.
  8. If you go back to uni and your disablement is 80%.
    If you obtain a doctor's letter from your g.p to say that it would benefit you to go to uni because it makes you depressed staying at home then nothing will affect your income
    Just send it to your local work and pension's department
    Also you should be able to cliam D.S.A. allowance and it is not means tested
  9. I often work with Chavs/Neds who are long term unemployed and it seems the way to get money out of the system is to undertake a "training" course. They have had driving lessons and tests paid for along with driving licences, mobile phones so the jobcentres and future employers can contact them, suits for interviews (after all you can't possibly wear the same suit twice) and general clothing for when they get the elusive job. The candidates are very restrictive about how far they will travel to work and what conditions of employment they want and if nothing comes long that they fancy they go and do another course - and yes while "training" they claim benefit, fares, get lunches paid for and an additional £10 a week.

    Yet when we can place people, who genuinely want to work, in a vacancy they get naff all help. Something is seriously wrong in the system somewhere :(
  10. Nowadays they do "date matching" where scans are run on different government computer systems and it will detect certain other incomes you may not have declared.

    Providing they bother going through the lists and sift out all the dud matches.
  11. Not all income - there is a list of "disregarded income" but its things like DLA, Attendance Allowance and War Disablement Pension (in some cases in some places).
  12. Army Pension is treated as an "occupational pension" so its all counted. A War Disablement Pension only has £10 knocked off as disregarded for JSA but most Local Authorities ignore it completely when assessing Council Tax and Housing Benefit (its discretionary but there are some that don't the *****).

    If you get a job with low enough earnings that you can still qualify for housing or council tax benefit stay on the BR tax rate as long as you can as the tax refunds are essentially ignored.
  13. I'm laughing, but it's not funny. When I go into the job centre, I'm armed with evidence of all the jobs I've applied for and the subsequent follow ups as to whether I've got an interview, been f*cked off, etc. They give you a fixed appointment time, yet you have to wait 20 minutes after that time to be spoken to. During that twenty minutes you can hear the chavs discussing what they are entitled too and they know the book like the back of their hands. I listened to two (male and female with nipper in tow), telling the lass at the other side of the desk that 'he' (the female was speaking on his behalf) wouldn't take the job being offered to them as it would take him about half an hour to get there in the morning. The woman at the desk wasn't put out by that and told the female that she'd look for something else for him (he never spoke more than two words during the process). I started attending job inteviews towards the end of last year when I was in Germany, travelling back to the UK and have continued to travel the length of this country trying to find work. My expenses so far (including ferry tickets, hotel bills, petrol, etc) are now in 4 figures. These f*ckers at the Job Centre aren't bothered by that. I'm being told that if I cannot find work in my trade, then they'll find me an alternative, yet they negotiate with people who haven't paid a red cent in tax in their lives and who aren't prepared to walk 30 minutes to work?
  14. It isn't funny but you do have to laugh. Check your PMs Biscuits
  15. I'm now hunting for a job myself and agree with Biscuits, I remember when I worked in London I walked to work when the tube went on one of their annual strikes. Last time I was down the nedcentre there was a guy taking interviews for a delivery driver who had a ned ask what he was interviewing for, when the guy told him he was told "fcuk that too much hard work"