Discussion in 'RLC' started by George_007, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Saw an interesting email tonight from the Corps Razzer.

    Title Description: Assistant Quartermaster Sergeant

    Hours Per Week: 41 (including a 1 hour paid meal break)

    Salary: £23,500 to £26,500

    Closing Date: 29/06/2007

    Description: We have a vacancy for an AQMS (uniformed) to oversee the effective working of our accommodation stores, the administration of our vehicles and co-ordinate support to functions and events.

    Second job is:

    In various theatres. Working for current DRLC once he retires. CV to Corps RSM.

    Working for G 3 Systems.

    look at

    If you are leaving soon........
  2. Are DRLC and the Corps RSM both working for G3 Systems then?
  3. G3 Systems are bidding for contracts to supply Fuel Handling Equipment for the Army/RAF, amongst others.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Surely the Corsp RSM is far too busy to be processing CV's and job applications.

    Some round these parts have split personalities...hehe...
  5. More to the point - surely the Corps RSM and DRLC shouldn't BE in a position to be involved in contract awards etc???? and especially not work for the company for a certain period after their retirement?
  6. He is not awarding a contract.

    He is putting out a job application to the whole corps.

    And there is freedom of contract which the parties to the contract are free to enter into agreement on, or not.

    On a different level - if Warrant Officers were in a position to award contracts instead of the faceless individuals that currently do so - then the army would more likely achieve value for money and less likely be ripped of by civil servants and senior officers feathering their own nests by awardng expensive contracts with little return to companies on the basis that they will secure employment with the same, once they leave the military.
  7. You mean like the RAF officer behind JPA who was working for the company he awarded the contract to, before he even completed his terminal leave?
    or one of the countless senior officers involved in contract work, who since retirement either work directly for or consult to, the same companies they approved or awarded contracts to.
  8. The idea behind sending these jobs out was to try and alert everyone to the job opportunities for those of us about to retire.

    Having recently attended a career transitional workshop my aspirations were p*ssed on by an AG Corps major who told me I should stick to what I know, which according to her this means I should drive a big truck for Eddie Stobbart.

    I for one am very happy that he took the time and trouble to pass on these opportunities for those of us about to enter the civvy job market!
  9. George_007..... I don't want to seem pedantic here but....

    The Corps RSM didn't post this on the internet - you did........ (unless you're the Corps RSM??)

    Why post this statement? Why not just post "G3 Systems are looking for people".... You obviously wanted to say something by mentioning DRLC. Why not send the advert to the Logistic Employment Network..? That's what it's there for.

    Why would the Corps RSM spend his time going through CV's for DRLC before they've even left?

    Not on my Tax payers money they fecking won't! And I'll ring him myself and tell him.
  10. My memory is a bit hazy, but I'm sure I had to sign something to say I wouldn't do that.......

    Shop them to the Federalli's - that's what I say :)
  11. I think most people have/will sign an agreement of some sort, seems it doesn't apply to the chosen few or the powers that be have decided not to do anything about it.
  12. I will say 5 words in relation to this subject which have no relevance to the people involved but:

    LEX Defence now VT Land

    We reap the whirlwind.
  13. Ah yes... Vosper Thorneycroft....... Say no more :wink:
  14. Wont have a bad thing said about VT...especially as they are taking me out for a slap up meal in the near future!!

    And no, im not going to declare it in the gifts book thing in my Unit!! Or the MAN sweatshirt, fleece, umbrella(!), bottle of champagne and a few other things i wont mention!!! :wink:
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    George_007, ignore the nasty men.

    We wouldn't have been otherwise aware of the job if you hadn't told us.

    Many thanks.