Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Line_Grunt, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Please use this for posting up any jobs that may be relevant to the users of this forum.

    Any banter, slagging etc will be deleted.... :evil:

    Yours aye,

  2. Looks like we're all on the broo then.
  3. I mean it folks - keep banter to the Naafi bar.

    As i really don't want to waste my Saturday morning deleting drivel..... :evil:
  4. Advert I saw in The Express

    Mechanics Req (All Disciplines) For a 3 year military project based in Germany. Immediate start. Accommodation arranged. No specific military experience required. Call the recruitment team at allegis group on 0118 377 9504 or fax your CV to 0118 377 9773. email :

    I think this may be for the Bowman project in moenchengladbach, Ayrshire Barracks.

    Good luck
  5. Moenchengladbach sounds good to me - I can sort out a washing machine - can I apply. I've also changed the water pump in a Hillman Imp and can 'engineer' all sorts of things!! ;o) :lol:
  6. Ref my last, the coy rang me up and told me the job is in the Frankfurt area. The job is repairing all the american kit coming back from Iraq.
    Aparrently its on a 6 month out of 12 basis.
    They have said they will send me a recruitment package by email. If & when I get it, if I can I'll make it available on arrse.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    If anyone gets into the Frankfurt/Rhien Main area they can PM me for a social life, have been in FFM for years and love it.
  8. Dudes

    Placing my details on EliteBase on put me in Baggers on a tier 1 CP task on $600 a day!!

    After 10 years in the mud, I get to do what I enjoy..
    Jobs for the boys!!
    Share the wealth..

  9. Found this site a couple of days ago. - a few jobs on here - might be wortha look.
  10. My grumblin' days are coming to an end, any recomendations on good resettlement cse in the adventure training area. I know there is not a great deal of money in it but i just would like to enjoy myself for a few years.
  11. Cleared 21 Feb 2005
  12. Convoy escort work in southern sector
    Starting $7,000.00 per month
    Accommodation, protective equip, weapons, etc provided
    Kuwait based
    CV's to

    Employs at present
    New Zealand
    Former SF, Army, USMC, SWAT and specialist police personnel

    has been posted here before I know are one of the big five
  14. Two dandy Links....

    Pleanty of others out there too, but the point is?

    My point was to let people know work is available, most have the brain capacity to understand Iraq is not the same as tea in the park. People get shot, people crash and die, people get blown up, people fall over and graze thier knees.

    You choose your job and get on and do it...