Candle stick maker
yeah im a corporal in air cadets but i cant wait until i join the RAF and become a weapons systems operator!
hopefully in a chinook!
Do you all enjoy what you do?
why the fcuk would you want to join that?
course i enjoy it...otherwise i wouldn't do it!!!!!!!
I blow sh1t up, whats not to love???
Underwater Digger Driver
calm ya self teehee lol
i wanna join the RAF because that is what i love just like u love the army :)
and im sure blowing stuff up is great lol!
i know i wud find it brilliant!
I rape and kill Chavs.

Blue Eyed Girl: Report to my office for immediate bum love and termination.
I test and evaluate the potential of new WRAF recruits for their capacity for servicing the needs of Squadies on Chinook Helicopters.
I look forward to your first assesment.

I would be careful here, this young lady says she is in the Air Cadets(CPL) which suggests she may be a minor!! Please moderate yourselves a bit guys!!



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