Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SCW25, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Dud thread. All apologies for my antics, please delete topic. Thanks.

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  2. At last! We have another Aaron8 to play with!

    Whoop whoop, where's Jarrod?
  3. Start at home, research bombs and start making your own. Then once you can make them safe you can get your friends to make you bombs to practise on.

    Then go to the ACIO and state with confidence that you are an expert already.

    Shit windup Sunday gets earlier every week.
  4. That's right, folks! Shit Wind-Up Sunday has begun! Bring all your best, most hilarious sockpuppets and see if anyone actually believes a word you say!
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  5. He was 4 minutes in, to his credit.
  6. I'm off to get some cheese and Ryvita, and then I'll watch this unfold...
  7. What can you do with cheese and Ryvita, is it some secret swinging code?
  8. Theres some good "recipies" on the interweb! They even have links to Chem stores and such. Stat there.

  9. No, that's 'pickled onions and celery' wink wink...
  10. Crap, my missus has "just popped out" for some of those! The Co-op is open, isnt it?
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  11. For the moment, she's a bit of a bloater but a fucks a fuck.
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  12. True, but she's stopped taking it up the arse, I the IBS is kicking in!
  13. The Hurt Locker is my favourite film of all time, I've watched everyday for four years now and I know you should always cut the red wire...

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  14. or your throat, if you're unsure.
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  15. Aren't you the bloke who's heart is too feeble for him to be a PTI? Do you honestly think your dicky ticker will stand up to the stress of wearing one of those awesome protective suits?

    Oh, also: fuck off.
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