Jobs with the most perks/decent salary/bonuses etc


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I know it's little things, but as a 'perk' due to my job role, work just gave me a pair of AKU boots. I love shiny things :)


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Once HR get to work in a company perks are soon whittled away. Not always providing cost savings. When MOD centralised rail bookings they spent more sending me 2nd class than I could spend travelling first.
A friend had a rail policy allowing staff to travel first PROVIDING they could find cheap tickets. Off peak , split tickets the ingenuity was awesome. Staff happy and boss happy/


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I've said it before and ill say it again:

I used to have a job circumcising whales, the pay was rubbish but the tips were enormous. ;)
Whilst things have changed over the years, university lecturer is still a good job.

Pay isn’t too amazing, but you can easily end up on 50k even without pushing for promotion, so outside of London you will have a comfortable life.

Decent pension - around about 35 percent of your salary goes into a pot each month with around 25 percent of that coming from your employer (ironically the staff in the ex-polys/post-92s have the better deal here, with the government backed TPS pension).

Fifty days leave per year when including bank holidays and other university closure days - before COVID our plan for last Summer was to rent an apartment in Berlin for six weeks and then this Summer choose. a different capital city.

A good chunk of your time is up to you now you spend it - e.g. interested in spending time writing a paper on some obscure topic, you’ll get research time for that. Even in the most teaching intensive universities you still rarely be working flat out for more than 24 weeks a year. I actually only taught for 12 weeks last year (2019/2020).

Even before the pandemic had flexibility to work from home when not lecturing etc.
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