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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by michael3429, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Hello all

    Just thought i would drop a quick post and try and find out whats the general job ex royal signals are joining

    So if you know any friends that have gone ut let me know what jobs they have got into or you are getting out and you have something lined up

    Let me know
  2. Why - whats it to you ?
  3. So i can get a general idea of what most poeple do, as i'm considering getting out i would like to know whats out there and what people are getting into with there comms experience within the signals

  4. I work with the homeless. Plenty of ex-services in this situ.
  5. i got out an moved to cornwall, only use for my comms down here is my mobile phone. its not what you want to do dude its where you want to live, comms isnt the only job out there broaden your horizons and dont follow the usual trail :D
  6. I got out a few years back, was a radio relay op, did telecomms work abroad and earnt buckets of cash BUT...its was just like being back in, always moving around, living in hotels, being away from home and all that crap, so I packed it in and got real

    Telecomms is dead work, when the networks are up and running they dont need you anymore and you have to go a huntin for the next contract, great if you like the living on the edge life style

    The current markets situation is tuff mate, dont expect to just walk into work and dont ask what is everyone else doing...If Im shovelling shite is that what you wanna do?

    My advice to you is settle down in one location, have a good look around and see what there is in that area (lots of people say settle down where the work is, what if the work makes you redundant?) go to where you know and feel comfortable with

    If you have a few quid, buy a van, stick an add in the paper and start doing clearance work or light removals, If you work for someone else you will find it hard to take orders especially if your boss is younger and done nothing with his life and thinks hes allan sugar

    Register with agencies, all of them, but expect to loose a lot of earnings to them for placement fee's and all the other tit they come up with.

    HGV driving, a great fall back for 1000's of squaddies, dont forget the Poles have cornered the market in that as well as everything else, you have to work 10+ hours a day to make it pay! then you have the hassle of drivers hours regulations to consider.

    Community support officer.. all the gear no Idea, say no more on that

    Theres plenty out here to be had, but seriously, dont expect to be driving a Porsche within 3 months

    GET TO THE BENEFITS OFFICE ASAP job seekers, income support,rent allowance,low income,council tax benefit,incapacity etc etc etc DONT BE PROUD CLAIM IT ALL, THEM FOREIGN CNUTS ARE !!!!!
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    There you have it michael3429 - your future includes cardboard furniture :D

    Never thought of being a wino as a career - but I guess I am just too focused on the negative aspects :wink:
  8. Join the cadets
  9. On a serious note, my job is one of the best ive ever had, can be very rewarding and harrowing at the same time, the job is different everyday, sometimes its draining but most time you get a feel good factor out of it knowing you've made a difference, pays good as well.
  10. Driving a cement mixer in sunny new zealand :D
  11. Sell drugs. Even if you get caught you'll have a decent room, free telly (no television licence to pay!!), 3 square meals and no rent to pay!! Win-win situation.
  12. If you are asked to pay a placement fee or a registration fee or any other kind of fee relating to them finding you a job, tell them to Foxtrot Romeo Oscar !

    NO recruitment agency worth its salt will ever ask for a fee from its job seekers. They get their fee from their clients...the people who they find you work with.

    If they ask for a fee mag to grid in short order :nod:
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Vandamme is only partly right. I'm a Planning and Optimisation Engineer working on rollout and optimisation of the 3G networks. It's true that once the network is up it doesn't need implementation type people any more, but the network is in a constant state of flux and will allways need attention. The market is very boyant at the moment with plenty of work available. Your biggest problem is getting the first job. While signals training is very relevant, particularly A&P type stuff, you need some experience and specific training. Google Wray Castle and look at some of the courses they provide, which are recognised industry wide and generally are very good.

    The moving about can be a bit crap that is true, but I've been in my current position since Sept 2006 and won't be going anywhere for another year I expect, so it's not all bad.

    Oh yes and any agency that asks you for a fee should be dropped toot sweet, lible to be rip off merchants.

    There is a lot out here that you can do, try and input a few key words to get a feel for whats available.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  14. I reckon the reason so many homeless winos are ex-squaddies is because most civvies simply don't have the pub-fitness and dedication to compete as a professional wino. Whereas we've all been boozing it up for years, so it comes as second nature as a career with real longevity - you can do it way beyond normal retirement age. What's not to like?
  15. Vandamme is only partly right.

    Is he? I just turned down a transmission planning role in Berlin last week £400 a day...loads of money oh yea, BUT back to square one, living abroad, hotels, 10 hour days, target driven job, shite life style and what do you do when the contract runs out?
    When you get out you need to settle down and integrate and not be financialy driven, the money wont last forever nor will the job, I used to end my contracts early as to beat the rush for the next project, what a way to live!
    I turned down a job with 3 when they used to be called Hutchinson Wimpoa, all the blokes that took them were frothing at the mouth at the brilliant prospects ahead, they aint so confident now 3 have been bought out.
    And anyone thinking of joing the Allan Cambell group, he sold out to India last month.
    Cast your memories back 4 years ago when Vodafone laid off 1000's in Newbury
    Dolphin telecom in Basingstoke..liqidation
    Team telecom..say no more

    The list is endless, If it flicks your switch guys then you carry on in telecomms...its a throw away society, they throw you away when they are finished with you, I dont want to be the bloke that said I told you so but read this again in a years time and tell me im wrong