Jobs overseas???

Hello all,
Is there anyway a man with no management qualifications get a job overseas? I wouldn't care if it was wiping someones arse just want to get up the chain learn new skills and better myself?
What can you bring to the party?
Do you have any transferable skills at all?
Do you have any skills?
Any particular country you wish to visit?

I am currently working in Sunny West Africa and for the price of a couple of beers I can get any amount of nubile young women to wipe a lot more than my arse, why would I want a hairy arsed bloke to do it, unless he had something very special about him?
Also any country really just get me out of England lol
OK two ideas........seeing as you are completely useless to most businesses.
1; Consider the Voluntary, AID agencies, Oxfam, MSF, etc. etc. They could probably use your driving skills and give you an insight & experience into overseas working. Once in a location then you can develop contacts.

2: Arm yourself with a couple of grand, pop off down to Antibes (South France) do your STCW95 training courses, trawl the bars & clubs in Antibes, secure basic job (Deckhand etc.) on a Luxury yacht, go on from there. Try Bluewater training .com or something like that. Yacht crew training - Deck, Engineering, Interior, MCA, OOW, RYA and Safety courses in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale, Palma & Viareggio
Thanks for information I will have a look into it, overseas is the way forward so am willing to do anything to sort it lol,
Thanks again mate

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