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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by PoisonDwarf, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. How's the "pseudo-military" work environment in South Wales just now, such as General Dynamics, EADS, Defence Technical College (St Athan) or other similar stuff. Probably signing off relatively soon and looking for suitable avenues where I can take advantage of stuff like DV without being a weekend warrior. I have managed to wangle various quals BSc Hons, PRINCE2 Pract, ITIL and I'm just about finished an MBA. Probably knock out CISSP over the next 12 months to give me an IT Sy avenue and I have a few professional memberships - MCGI, MCMI, MBCS Chartered IT Professional amongst others.

    Any suggestions or useful contacts on the "celtic" side of the Severn Bridge? Alternatively, Bristol / Abbey Wood at a stretch. Ta.

  2. PM sent fella
  3. Cheers big man. The plot thickens like cookhouse tea.
  4. EADS have just been through a "re-alignment of requirements :roll: " which resulted in the region of some +130 people leaving the company.
  5. That is a jolly poor show! Looks like I'll need to stock up on blackmail photos to wangle a job somewhere.
  6. Jobs in Wales? - Are there any?
  7. EADS actually underwent a 'restructure' but are still recruiting in areas needed. Give me a PM nearer the time.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    As Chris951 has PM'd you I probably can't add much...Chris and I worked in the same place till he bugged out about 3 months ago.

    If you want some more info on the current state where I am then feel free to PM.


    p.s. Chris how is life in the new job?
  9. Hmmm. The DTR and St Athan business is not looking too good according to my contacts, despite what the FT has previously claimed. I wouldn't sign off at the moment, if you have the choice....

    Have you considered the Doughnut @ Cheltenham?

  10. I left the REME sept last year and worked at Abbeywood as a contractor and Civil Servant and now work at BAE Systems near Usk.

    If you are after some contact details let me know, I know that earlier this year they were screaming out for people in Combat Tracked/Wheeled Groups over at Abbeywood.
  11. Usk would be a good one for me too, I'll look into it. A friend of mine recently started as a project manager at Abbey Wood on one of the mil systems, so that is a reasonable line of interest.

    Yes, it's on my list of options, as I have a few contacts there and have worked there in the past "wearing green" (well actually wearing civvies). Cheers for the top tip. It's a bit too far to commute from Swansea but we'll see.

    Cheers guys. In the ideal world the new strategic defence review next year will make loads of us redundant! :lol: