Jobs in W Canada

Health and safety is a big market especially on the oil patch in N Alta and BC. Basic OHS qualis and all the usual clearances needed to immigrate and then gain some industry experience,drilling fracking etc. Then join a consulting firm and off you go. The industry is oozing money and there are fortunes still to be made.
Apparently elf' n safety is the way forward. There's more than a handful of blokes I work with looking to get out and into it.

I think Mount Royal university in Calgary run the necessary courses.

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Whoops, cross posted!

Soutie, when you say 'basic OHS quals', what level is needed? Degree? Diploma? Any links?

I became a member of IIRSM through a collection of short courses taken in Africa. Took a few more in UK, sent cv to provincial HSE people, got letter saying I was qualified to be a Provincial OHS inspector and sent this with the immig applic.

Havent been asked to show proof of qualis since I did my original Qualified Person assessment for confined space h/a's, with a provincial hygiene officer in mid 90's. J

Once your here, and if you're new to OHS/consulting, gaining the CHSC designation would be v useful, 4'ish modules, distance (could maybe get into the reading/online stuff from UK, don't know..)and some classes, exam prep, etc. Joining the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering helps too, no pre-qualis needed for basic membership.

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