Jobs in Germany?????

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by j88kln, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. hi,

    i am currently looking in to leaving the REME after 10 years as an Electronics Technician, i am looking at staying in Germany (Paderborn area) and would like to know if anyone has any advice on where to look for jobs that require my skill set?

  2. Der Job-Centre.
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  3. That's too far South. Paderborn will be "ze job center"
  4. Who's the chick in the avatar PA?:)
  5. Look these up, SERCo.

    At one time they had contracts to look after a lot of static kit in BAOR.

    I make no comment on their present day reputation.
  6. You're not meant to put Google translate's shit through Bablefish as well!
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  7. Why don't you contact the RRC(Regional Resettlement Centre) Herford and speak to the women there? I spoke to them last week about jobs in Germany and they have loads of technical/ engineering jobs suited to a REME skills-set all over Germany. In fact there is not enough people to fill the available vacancies, a lot of German and multi-national companies are actively contacting Herford and specifically looking for ex-Brit Army personnel with an engineering background. Although some of these jobs may not pay the best it is a good way to find your feet on the Deutsche Civvy strasse.

    An important point to mention, how good is your German? Hopefully better than just ordering a chicken Zinger burger from KFC in Paderborn or ordering something extra special at Tingle-Tangles!
  8. With regards to your German sentence what does the first word mean? Is it the word - Wenn or Wann (If or when) and which if do you mean; e.g Wenn Sie wollen oder Ob Sie wollen?
  9. Its neither; it should be "Wenn" or better yet "Falls" "Wen" only works in the context of "Wen meinst Du?" I like "liebeslauf" literally that is a love CV or a 'love run'. I could now release my inner bugsy and correct the whole sentence but I abstain. Not bad for an island monkey.
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  10. She's called Sarah and is his new muse!!
  11. Thanks, we Inselaffen do try our best you know, although I never progressed beyond German Phase B as it was a bone course with no practical value.

    Ich hoffe, dass ich naechstes Zeit besser sein!
  12. See PM which will shortly be winging your way.
  13. No shit Sherlock