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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bootneck01, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Did the other post ref sparkys. Anyway what skill trades are in demand in Canada or websites are there available
  2. My first piece of advice is when you do get over to Canada don’t tell anyone about you completing the course at CTTS, because they will pi** themselves laughing..... (Oh no not another one).

    Sorry I had to get that one in.

    To answer the question I have got an Australian mate who completed a 4 week Telecoms Rigging course through XiTraining, worked for their sister company LARS for a few months to gain experience. He then went to Canada where he still works and constantly tells me to get myself over there as there is "heaps of work". Company to try is

    The reason I have recommended this is because you have completed the CTTS course so you will have knowledge of Copper, Fibre, Cabinets, PDH, SDH etc all of these are used in Aerial Rigging too.

    If you do want to go down the sparkey route then do it in Canada, swallow a bit of pride and let the wife provide while you learn. You will in a few years be able to catch up regarding earning the bigger pot (as to say). My wife earns more than me at the moment and we have got 3 kids but as I too start a new job soon will overtake her, and I will keep reminding her of the fact.

    Good luck in your final choice.
  3. yea im starting to think that the ctts course was a complete waste of time, cause i cant not find any work here. My wife has 8 years experience as a nurse, so i need to find a trade that i can get experience in the uk so it would help me a great deal with finding work in Canada
  4. Where are you living now?
  5. What about proof reading?
  6. Im in the Manchester area. And telecoms work here is dead
  7. Here are a few websites that may help with your search. Skilled workers are always in demand, more so in Alberta and Saskatchewan (currently) than the usual Ontario and British Columbia. I would recommend reading the official Gov website 1st so that you can get a good idea of what's involved (and the cost).

    I would NOT recommend signing up with or although you could browse around to see what kind of jobs are being offered.

    p.s. Telecom workers are in HUGE demand at the mo, Bell Canada and Rogers are spending billions on upgrading the cable and cell networks.
  8. LOL it just seems the uk is the only place where there is no cabling engineers required lol
  9. I am also thinking of getting some other quals to do with telecoms, if it is in demand in Canada
  10. If you are serious in trying to emigrate to Canada then apply as soon as you can but bear in mind that the more courses you can list the more "marketable" your application. The Government of Canada use a points system to determine who steps in upfront.

    Read this site for more info.
  11. Well as i said my missis has already turned down offers from new zealand and oz, we both have our heart set on this.
  12. It can take up to 2 years for a "normal" application to be processed. Keep in mind though that 97% of immigrants to Canada stay in Canada so in other words "it's worth it". Having said that, be prepared to spend a good two years getting yourself established, proper place to live, build up a credit history, meet new friends etc. It's harder than you think especially if you come over without a family network behind you.

    I moved here 20 years ago by myself and have gone from despair to prosperity back to despair and back to prosperity, I was one government "stamp" away from deportation at one point but if you hang in the rewards are worth it.

    Feel free to PM me with any other questions you may have.
  13. ok thanks for the info
  14. Bear in mind that there was a trade called Telecomunication electrician but that has all but dissappeared and data and coms fall under class 2 circiuts which do not require an electricians ticket so the pay is more than a first year electrician 50% of journeymans wages but it will not climb by much from your starting wage at around third year you will be at or over most data guys.
    There is a need for data conection and especialy fibre splicing tickets are a very good thing to have even if you do want to go for the full journeymans ticket. Another good ticket for the electrical/data feild is the class 1 drivers ticket for bucket trucks and delivery trucks.
    The best bet for actualy finding work is by showing up and dropping of resumes a lot of people wanted to work in offices and work the IT side so there is usualy a shortage of people wanting to get their hands dirty and there is no maximum age for starting apprentiships started mine at 26 and took 8 years to get my ticket. five years is the minimium time you have to serve or around 5000 hrs in the trade and four periods of college totaling 36 weeks. Most trades are around the same time table depending on the trade.
  15. So did you move over at a young age once you left the forces ?