Jobs in Demand in Canada

Discussion in 'Canada' started by bootneck01, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. I am after some advice. After doing a ccts course (please dont laugh), and surprise surprise cant find anywork in the uk. My missis and i have decided to attemt the move to Canada, she is already a nurse and has 8 years experience so its not a problem for her. She has already turned down jobs for New Zealand, Oz and the Middle east as she has her heart set on Canada. I am just wondering what jobs are in demand at the moment as i was thinking of doing a plumbers or sparkys course ,build up my experience then try and make the move. But i just dont want to go over there on a token effort cause my other half is eligable and im not. I would carry on the ccts quals if i can find work or improve on the certs as long as it can lead somewhere. Im not after a quick fix as i know this will take a few years to work towards.
  2. CCTS??
  3. in_the_cheapseats

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    Christian counselling training ????
  4. [​IMG]

    Says it all really :roll:
  5. google says

    If you tell me what CCTS is I can tell you what the job market is like, and chances of carrying on your training. Be prepared to have no recognition for training from the UK.

    On a serious note unless you have family or other ties to Canada expect to wait 2-3 years for your visa to come through, should you get one. The economy is taking a battering here, however not as badly as the rest of the world, so the job market is pretty crowded right now, even in alberta.
  6. Oh sorry, cable telecommunications.
    here is the link

    At the mo just hoping to get a job and looking at doing some courses mainly my HND.

    As mentioned before i am after no quick fix, and my missis is laughing kitbags when it come to looking for jobs over seas, and with the state of country it wont happen for a while but the prep for it will need to start soon as.
  7. The Economy is quite bad especialy in certian parts of this country which are not usualy bad for finding work. It would also help to know what part of the country you want to come too. Quebec rules are different as they are a distinct society, The french are the same the world over.
    Your wife will get in and have no problem finding work and probably be able to find a hospital who will even give sponser her. Nursing is probably one of the few qualifications that are truely internationaly recognised by the canadian goverment. you can use that to get a tempory work visa and from there a landed immigrant card. Be prepared to wait the two years It took me four months to get my card and I was married to a Canadain which was supposed be fast tracked. The other thing you will find quite comman with Canada and the UK is the goverment loves every thing in triplicate and has no ability to use the telephone or internet when talking to another department even if they are in the same building. So you will get fustrated by the immagration or some goverment department at some time.
  8. I will be looking at going in to higher education as a other option, fingers crossed HND in a engineering subjuct, hope the state of the world will be sorted, then go for it.
  9. My mate is in alberta doing comms. He says he is seriously struggling, sever lack of work. Had to sell his car to get by!
  10. As said when me and the missis move the world will be a better place for work.
  11. it seems in alberta no matter the quals in blue collar they only recognize it when they govt wants, i got here as 1st class mechanic reme, 11 yrs, and was told to start as a 1st yr apprentice, back then we could challenge quals but dont know now, times are hard here but the province is looking for nurses, big shortage so the missus should have no probs follow her and tuck in the principles and you will find work here. may not be you want in this economy but things can only get better fingers crossed.
  12. A few years ago the Ontario Premier said that his Province was 8 000 nurses short and put the word out that any suitably qualified nurse would be considered. I have always liked Canada, been to the west side skiing numerous times and my brother lives in Toronto, so my wife being an Australian RN of 20 years experience filled all the forms in and sent them off to the CNA (Canadian Nursing Assoc) I was going to be the baggage. A few months later it started:
    “Where is this form...?”
    ‘It’s in the pack”
    “Where is this form then?”
    “In the pack as well”
    “Has she done this... course?”
    “‘Yes, she instructs in it”
    etc etc.
    Eventually we put it in the too hard basket and decided to stay in Oz, it’s not as if we were living on some sh1thole UK estate desperate to leave.
    My point is that expect to get messed around by the bureaucrats but hey...that’s their job and good luck, it’s a great country.
  13. Yes Canada is in the toilet right now as far as jobs go I would check if your wife can get a job starting full time right away as what the Government saying is not neccessarily what you will find.

    Many nurse jobs are on call or part time so you don't make the full salary of a nurse which is very good.

    If your wife has a guarentee placement then moving to Canada will be the best thing you ever did. You will eventually get work of sometype don't waste the money doing the course in the Uk as you will have to redo it here anyway,Just wait until you get here and go to school here and the quals will be recognised.

    I left as a class 1 vm and came here eventually got a degree and work for govt.

  14. Healthcare in Alberta has just gone through (still in the midst of it) a massive shakeup with the 9 health regions amalgamating under one as Alberta Health Services. A bit like the formation of the RLC!!

    Anyway, nurses have been cleared as a profession in short supply and were actively being sort from Commonwealth countries. Not sure what is currently happening but the AHS recruitment website is at:

    Hope this helps. It is truly a great place to live - now coming to the end of our 3rd year here on the other side of the fence!!