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Canada is short of most trades especially class 1 drivers, mechanics, fitters, welders, sparkies and timber harvesters.

I am currently in Newfoundland which is a truly beautiful place and setting up a pellet plant operation there.
I personally need about 40 class 1 drivers who can drive B train logging trucks in the bush, as well as heavy mech fitters to look after the kit.

I also need plant operators for the pellet plant and sawmill, as well as harvesters to work with the harvesting companies.

There is an oil and construction boom in Newfoundland, so short of people for the rigs and to build the plants, especially good welders, fitters and industrial sparkies.

School places are down 17% so they are desperate for families, and you will have no problem getting work permits and eventually resident status. My company can sponsor those who will work for us

I have a very nice lady friend who assists everyone with relocation and settlement form getting you NI numbers to cell phones.

Anyone interested please get in contact.

I am not an agent, and I am not an immigration consultant, just a guy who is setting up over there and who is short of good people with the right skills, so I am not after your money for 'fees' or whatever.
Pete I feel you probably also have a need for a medic to put sticky plasters on all those butch frontiersmen, and possibly some middle management post [preferably in somewhere warm in December] that would suit me down to the ground. Just PM me a thumbs up and I'll off the wife and sprog and be on my way.........
Yes we will have a site 'nurse' at some stage but at the moment that is way down on our list as our site is only about a mile and a bit from the main regional hospital.

As for being some where warm in December, you do know where Newfoundland is dont you? ;-)

I spoke to the people who cover the relocation for us, so a bit of an update on how it works.

They do all the organising, meet at airport, national insurance, blood test, medical, bank accounts, cell phones etc etc, which they charge their services to us.
We would issue an LMO which you use to get your work permit.

You will need to pass a drivers conversion course, and I only know one person who failed that, and we provide the truck for the test. I am not sure how much the test is but allow $2-300.

You would pay the immigration lawyer, so allow another $2,000.

Time from 1st applying to getting your work permit & visa would normally be less than 2 months.

If you dont mind driving in Germany in the winter you will like Newfoundland.

All our drivers will be home every night, no over nighters expected, no mileage rates, no not being paid for being idle, which you wont be.
Some drivers will be on the highway but most in the bush on logging roads picking up trees to bring to the plant, so be warned.

Newfoundland is a beautiful place, nearly twice the size of the UK but only has just over 500,000 living there, and most of them in St John's area.

Our plant will be in the top of the central region in the town of Grand Falls which has a population of about 14,000.
Good schools, hospital, shopping etc etc just google and you can find out what you need.

We are hoping subject to gov approval to kick things off in June and slowly ramp up over a 3-4 month period.

So anyone else interested please contact me.

Also looking for mechanics to look after the harvesting equipment in the woods, and at the truck depot
Pete, is there no way of using the out of work foresters, fitters etc who used to work at the mill?
Need an agent on the west coast?
The old mill shut down 4 years ago, and the forestry industry took a hammering.

There were 3 mills in the province plus all the saw mills, now there is only 1 pulp mill on permanent reduced capacity, and only a few saw mills left.

With an already ageing population, people either retired or left the province.
With the remaining foresters not working as much as they used to, they earned less and less and either went under or are just about surviving with the wrong old type of equipment for our operation, and unable to buy the new equipment needed for modern methods.

Our plant will at at least double the amount that was being cut in the last couple of years, and still not be as high as it was at the peak.

In contradiction to the forestry industry, the province has been booming with construction, and oil/gas exploration, which has led to shortages of skilled labour. Welders, mech fitters, electricians, plasterers, and plumbers.

Newfoundland has an aged population and have just appointed a new immigration minister, they are desperate for people, especially for families. They had a 17% decrease in school places this year due to less children.

Newfoundland is going through a dramatic change, now is a good time to move there
On the down side you will be living in Grand Falls.

Just kidding it's not a bad little place and probaly has improved since my last visit there, when I was living in St Johns. Possible bonuse (as this is a military site) is the 2nd Bn Royal Nlfd Regiment has a company based there. They're a reserve or militia unit similar to the TA and the potential for joining, or even an attachment/posting (there is a system in place for Brit TA types to train with Canadian and vice versa in place not sure of the details anymore).

Nfld as a whole especially the rural areas have a strong ties and feelign s for the military, more so I would say than the rest of the country. This often leads to many of that aging population noted being retired service types.
Thanks I didnt know about the 2nd Bn, it might be good to pop in and establish relations next time I am there.

I have been to Grand Falls quite a few time now, and apart from being spread out it is not a bad town. It certainly has all that is needed, as well as good schools and hospital and at least one good bar that I know, though I think a good company social club is going to be high up on my want list.

I wonder if the 2nd Bn have their own bar. ;-)
They should have a bar. There is a small armoury and a company (probably a platoon + in reality and Coy HQ). The armouries were half an airplane hanger (the other half being in Cornerbrook I think).

Mind I think the last time I was there was to p/u weapons over 25 years ago and I didn't stay the night. I did spend a week there in 1983 when Charles and Diana were in the province to present new Colours to both Bns of the RNFLDR. We ended up there after for a freedom of the City Parade and drunk.

2nd Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment | 37 CBG | LFAA | Canadian Army | National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Not sure what the rules re Landed immigrants/Perm Residents are for serving in the CF now. I think its Canadian Citizens only. Mind things change back and forth. Before I pulled pole in 1994 about half my reserve Infantry company in Toronto were landed immigrants with prior service in about 6-10 countries from Sudan, to Guatemala to Rumania.
Is there still jobs available? I am a mechanical engineer in the Marines (13 years served) I am looking at being out in next year.

My wife was born in Newfoundland, even though she now has a british passport she will have no problem re-announcing her Canadian citizenship???

Look forward to hearing from you

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