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Enjoy sitting on your arse and watching the scenery go by, fed up with the UK? Heard this on the local radio today, deep in the heart of the Rockies... Have no idea what sort of qualifications or experience is required. But judging by the quality of the drivers I've busted or patched up over the years, not much...

Province hoping to attract foreign truck drivers
Last Updated Feb 1 2005 08:51 AM MST
CBC News
CALGARY – A shortage of truckers in the province has the industry hoping to recruit new drivers from overseas, and they're looking to a pilot project in Saskatchewan for ideas.

Daryl Luzny, who recruits drivers for Trans-X, says every company is looking for drivers – complicated by a high number of retirements and lucrative jobs in the oil patch luring prospective employees away.

"They're probably about 50 to 100 drivers shorts in each division, so it's a tough road ahead," Luzny said.

The Saskatchewan pilot project allows several trucking companies to fast-track the immigration process in order to bring qualified drivers from Britain. Up to 240 drivers are expected to move to the province.

Wayne Peterson, with the Alberta Motor Transport Association, says Alberta would like to do something similar.

"We're looking at a quarter-million new drivers needed in the next five to six years. Physically, there is not the people here in Canada to staff that," Peterson said. "We're lobbying the government to try and get them to open up the borders as truck driving is not deemed an occupation that people can immigrate with."

Alberta has a recruitment program aimed at helping companies fill gaps in the workforce, but it doesn't specifically deal with the trucking industry. It brings a maximum of 800 foreign workers every two years.
pinepig said:
"We're looking at a quarter-million new drivers needed in the next five to six years. Physically, there is not the people here in Canada to staff that,"
Right - that part of our immo problem sorted then. First party to incorporates this 'fair process' into their manifesto gets my vote. :D
most truck drivers in Canada wear turbans.

Do you think you can qualify?
Most truck drivers in Canada wear ball caps. However, I did meet one ex Indian Army Major at an avalanche road closure a couple of years ago. And as a matter of fact he was wearing a turban. He also seemed quite knowledgable about winter and mountain warfare...
pinepig said:
Most truck drivers in Canada wear ball caps.
Pick-em-up trucks, yes. but these jobs are for Big Rigs :lol:
Pinepig forgot to mention the other qualities required which include the ability to drive whilst watching the dvd player, read a newspaper with a cell phone in your ear not to mention driving 40 tonnes at 120 kmh on ice and not giving a fat wracs arrse about any other t*sser on the highway. Reminds me of me trog days!!

We're shouting but nobody's listening!
Suggest google Alberta Motor Transport Association, Saskatchewan Government and Alberta Government to start with. I'm no expert but the big companies out on the trans canada highway out west are Trans X, Quick X, Bison and one called Kindersley Transport. The biggest hurdle will be dealing with Canadian Immigration (byzantine beyond belief, to the extent they confuse themselves), but there are so many programs going around to bring in skilled labour in different parts of the country, you might be surprised. Some drivers earn shit, decent companies pay very well...
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