Jobs in Calgary?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by WHYayeMAN547, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm moving to Calgary with girlfriends work in November, I'll be looking for work in the IT world. Currently training in Net +, CCNA, security and VoIP.

    I wondered if there was any Arrse members living out there who could maybe help me to do a bit of networking...Maybe just be able to offer some advice on the best ways to do things out there on arrival.

    We move mid November and any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  2. As you probably know Calgary is oil city and The Patch has extended well into BC. Oil and gas all the way to T Ridge.

    PetSaf is the major industry association in Alta so maybe check with them for IT opps. Can't speak for contacts, not my field but one guy in FSJ reportedly made 1m in his second year in biz, setting up LAN sites for drilling sites.

  3. You may be training but a lot of companies ask for hands on experience as well these days.
    Have you considered doing some voluntary IT work to gain the hands on real work experience?
    This could well help you when you move as IT is a very competitive field these days.
    And it will look good on your CV!!!

    And in case your wondering i have A+, N+ & various Cisco Qualifications.
    I found that IT Voluntary work looked good on my CV & gave me hands-on experience that companies look for!
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  4. You may find this web site quite helpful. I use it a lot with my clients

    Working in Canada - Job Market Trends and News

    The job bank pulls from other job sites like workopolis and monster etc and is refreshed pretty frequently so it's pretty up to date. Search by profession and/or geographic area eg: IT Security + Calgary.

    Several of the links will show Provincial lic and education standards etc and how to adopt your Brit CV or resume to a Canadian style one. They also link to Gov't of Canada stats on job prospects in certain areas based on tax and census info etc.