Jobs in Abu Dhabi Logistics Co-Ordinator

4 x Lgistics Co-Ordinators required for Abu Dhabi

40 Days leave, four return flights, accomodation on single status basis provided salary about £40000 and tax free

Position: Logistics Coordinator

* Senior Logistics Coordinator

Job Description:

Located onsite (which may be remote), this position has responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the day-to-day material delivery activities in accordance with the established logistics policies, procedures and systems approved by the company. Supervises assigned personnel and logistics activities in accordance with all statutory and governing HSE policies and procedures on and off site. Reports work activities to supervisor on daily or weekly basis as requested.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Engage with Site/Construction Managers to ensure ‘Request for Material’ Forms are completed and accurately reflect description/quantities of supplied materials.
* Coordinate with warehouse schedules of deliveries to site.
* If requested by Snr. Logistics Coordinator, liaise with material delivery transport companies.
* If requested by Snr. Logistics Coordinator, liaise with direct – to – site suppliers.
* Ensure details in warehouse ‘Pick up’ Forms reflect details in the ‘Request for Material’ forms.
* If applicable, document deliveries of materials from other sites or direct suppliers to site and vice versa.
* Conduct work and ensure any instructions given for handling materials are in accordance with the governing HSE policies.
* Assist the Site/Construction Manager to store materials to requirements of the Operating Companies and in compliance with construction drawings and specifications. .
* Implement and update an excel spreadsheet tracking system to capture all deliveries to and from site to identify source, date, description and quantities of delivered materials and handover details from one phase of delivery to another.
* Recommend acceptance and sign-off of materials delivered to site.
* Ensure hard copies of delivery documents are filed for each delivery and presented to office for random auditing.
* Report all deliveries on daily or weekly bases as requested by the Snr. Logistics Coordinator and Program Logistics Coordinator.
* Maintain project correspondence regarding supplied material deliveries at the site office including a log of correspondence (letters, internal office memoranda, minutes of meetings, email, etc.) in accordance with Document Control procedures.
* Maintain the Site Asset Inventory register.
* Secure and protects all company assets including all documentation.
* Maintain positive relationship with local Agencies and operating companies
Hi Steinlager,
If you have not received a PM from me, medwaymud, please let me know as a reply to this.
I sent it as a PM but there is no record of it in my Sent Items.
I suit your described experience required and am available almost immidiately.
Please accept my resume for the Logistics Co-ordinator position currently available in your company. I believe that my qualifications along with my experience are an ideal match for the position. I am confident I would make a valuable contribution to the operations of the Company.
I offer over seventeen years of successful background in Procurement. My experience has afforded me exposure to many aspects of purchasing accounts in the Oil & Gas and Manufacturing Industries.

The following are highlights of my qualifications:

 Good market knowledge, able to source material from an international market with very good negotiation abilities
 Thorough knowledge in Vendor Management
 Excellent organizational & communication skills in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
 Computer literate, familiar with Oracle, Orion, ACCPAC, Sage & Tally

I have thorough technical & purchasing knowledge of fabrication equipments & consumables, Natural Gas Network Project Materials & Refinery materials.

I also offer outstanding interpersonal skills when dealing with customers and staff, which have proven to be a critical asset in developing and maintaining a growing satisfied clientele. These qualities combined with my dedication and tireless work ethic should enable me to make a positive impact to the organization.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications for the position. I can be reached by email at or 604 832 4145.

Respectfully yours,

Peter Ratnam


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