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Jobs going for Ex VM's With warrior experience

Does anyone know of any VM's who have left the forces needing a job.
I was contacted by a friend who left and has been recruited to work in Kuwait for a Civvie firm £35k a year on a 2 year contract working on warrior.
Thats all the info i have but i'l forward on any replies i get.
Hey Smoke_T_littlefella :p

if your mate is who i think it is then there is no way he can get his bubble butt on the plane :?
he might be :wink:
i think he's going there to sweat himself thin but it's good money all the same
Heard a rumour he might be doing it to get away from you as well :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
thanks radar :)
i'l pass on the info . It was an ex ve who works at the agency who phoned me up. Its good to get jobs for the boys
cheers 8)

i have tried to phone RAJA no end of times and all i get is an ASM on a answering machine, is he ever there?? and im not exagerating, i must have called about 12 times over the last 4 2-3 months

Army Surplus - I know the bloke running the RAJA very well :!: If you leave your name and number, I know he'll give you a call back :!:
Army Surplus, If you left a message for the RAJA last week (Thurs, Fri) can you call again because the building (RHQ) had a power cut and all phone messages were lost ! :cry:

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