Jobs for those who hate Civvie life!


I Recently tried to join up and cutting a long story short, i now cant join up!
I am currently in the T.A and i cant imagine working in some boring office civi job. I have a good set of GCSE and A-levels behind me and so everyone thinks i should do some boring desk job in order to utilise said quals. I was therefore wondering if anyone had any job suggestions that would enable me to work outdoors. I have looked at many outdoor adventure schemes such as PGL etc however, they all ask for previous experience and quals in the outdoor adventure arena....

How do i get my foot on that first rung of the ladder

Thanks for reading

i want to work outdoor, kayak instructor, climbing instructor, mountaineering instr etc etc .....and i dont have any outdoor quals....

P.s anyone who works at an airfield (jumps courses) give me a job would you plz!

DONT JOIN PGL.....any reason why? apart from the brats? can i not just beast them until they cry?
Try an op tour, or getting on two years FTRS is you have a bit of rank.

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