Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wingy24, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Here's one for the pads.

    I'm moving out to Germany, possibly Hohne?

    The Mrs is coming with me. She's got a decent job here in sales and marketing but is wanting to be with me so is sacking it in and hopefully wants to find work in Germany.

    Can anyone give advise on what sort of work will be available to her. Bearing in mind she is only just starting to brush up on her German.

    I mean is there work on camps? Or is it not really such a good idea after all?

    Cheers peeps.

  2. if she has a job in uk and on over 10k per year - keep her there fella
  3. Tell her to have a look here for jobs on the Military side of things local to Hohne >>>>

    The links above that the others have given aren't that much use unless she has good (ie business level) german language skills.
  4. As Bipolar has said...If she has a good job she would probably be better off staying in UK.

    Working for NAAFI is basically working for unless shes got strong german and can get a decent job on the German can be pretty soul destoying...there is an ahem.economic downturn here too :(

    I've worked here in Germany for 10+ yrs now..and our company(major worldwide company) are not replacing people who leave of there own free will :x
  5. No disrespect to the guys who have wives in Germany, but I don't how they do it. Unless the Mrs is German, I'd hate for my wife to live here.
  6. Am I the only one who laughed and thought of a certain type of establishment. I'm getting childish in my old age!
  7. Thought of it myself :D :D but switched to serious mode for once 8O
  8. Thanks for the links lads they are really helping us make some plans.

    She's on about 23k at the moment and to be honest she loves her job. But she wants to come with and to be honest I really don't want to be apart more than we have to.

    I didn't think Germany was that bad? And I really can't see it being all too much fun travelling back to the UK every 5 minutes?

    Thanks again for the replies, and that thought did cross my head too when I started this! Cheers for keeping it semi-straight though.

  9. Was going to suggest the old Hohne Favourite, put an OMO packet in the window during the day :p I know the Bitch I married Did!!!!!!! :roll:
  10. If she is into sale, you could always try one of the main Car dealers. They have seriously sh1t sales people and most Garrisons have them.
  11. On 23k and your moving her mate you may not be at home enough to warrant a move, over the last 3 years i've done half away then add in leave (which most people spend in the UK) and its not a lot of time together especially as she loves her job.
    Germany is good but with the cheap airlines and Hannover not being that far from Hohne then I would think long and hard about moving her across.
  12. If you mean the type of establishment that you would find just up the Autobahn in Hamburg then that crossed my mind too. Of course, that would really depend on what the female in question looked like. :twisted: