Jobs for the girls?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. Question regarding CMT in the TA. Why are we wasting our time training CMT's when there is no chance of them deploying in role unless they have relevant medical qualifications in civi life? I have been informed even TA Field hospitals are also phasing them out.

    (This has happened with one of our unit who was recently informed of this after dedicating most of the last 12 months gaining CMT qualification. She is now changing capbadge in order to get on a tour.)

    This also leads me to question what is left for female members of the TA who wish to do tours?
  2. I'm sure msr will be along in a minute with the shag your PSI response.
  3. I said this in a post yesterday.

    How does a CMT in a non RAMC unit maintain and improve skills?

    Get a doc or a paramedic in once a month? In a med unit there are docs, paramedics and nurses who can train the CMTs and manage and identify learning needs.

    It's all about the quality of care we can offer on the ground.
  4. i could give plenty of girls a 'good job'
  5. msr

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    I can state quite categorically that I have never shagged one of my PSIs. Now, asking my PSI, or asking you to ask yours, that's a different matter...
  6. BuggerAll

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    Anything that isn't infantry or RAC.
  7. If you want to go on tour as a "girl" then go back in time to join the WRAC.

    If you wish to do a tour with a capbadge where male and female start from a level playing field then go MI.
  8. Not with a set of hedgeclippers in your head you couldn't.
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  9. That was my initial thought. Nice to know it isn't just me that thinks in simple, modern ways...
  10. Surely duty of care? Old argument which boils down to becoming a CMT in the TA requires you to be doing the equivalent in the NHS, just like others in the AMS.
  11. As far as I know the fd hosps are binning the CMT role altogether or at least the vast majority of them. I know 144 Sqn still have them though.

    I think all of ours had to change to HCA, driver/radop or it was Foxtrot Oscar.
  12. Female Engagement Teams.
  13. Female pleasure teams.
  14. I remember working with domes poles who thought the mobile bath teams were just for that
  15. Yeah, its hard to see a battle of the sexes over who can sharpen pencils the fastest :p