Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. Blunkett

    All have lied, twisted, 'spun',
    And all that happens is that Good 'ole Tone banishes them to the proverbial bedroom without tea, and hey presto they get back in to Government like nothing has happened.
    Ok, i know Campbell isn't Govt as such, but he feathered his nest whilst in the seat of power, got himself a nice tour of the Far East with a rugby team.
    Now i'm not niave enough to believe this sort of thing never ever happened before but hold on a second,

    Bliar said when first elected 'no more sleaze'
    Put your money where your mouth is Tony
    AND Bug*er off
    Do the decent thing and leave, oh and take that thick sweaty-sock financier with you too, lets get an Englishman in charge for a spell, shall we?
  2. Sorry to interrupt a class rant Dartspud, but where did Byers lie. I say this, only because the Government appeared to win today QED , Byers doesn't tell porkies?

    And could you perhaps list examples of where the Politicians you have named have lied and cheated , with sources?

    Simply to cover our Arrse you understand :D


  3. Well Blunkett certainly did over his baby and his "help" with visas. He also got a great cut off payment and then fcuk me, whooops, here he is again!
    Campbell - opens his mouth and no truth comes out. Deserves putting up against a wall - any time of day, with no last ciggie!
    The other two - Mandy's a total cnut and another one that keeps coming back - Tone certainly loves his boys (bit like Mandy too really!) and Buyers I think, like all good govt. employees has managed to wriggle out of the charge.
    Case closed!

    Oh, edited to add this from the Torygraph:

    "Stephen Byers's explanation for his lie to MPs on the transport select committee was little short of "gibberish" a High Court judge
    said yesterday
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  6. The fact that Byers LIED (even if he can't remember why) does not have a significant bearing on the outcome of the case. That is a matter for parliament. It would have been an issue if Byers had lied on oath about lying, because that would be perjury and he would be now be touching his toes for cellmate Bubba.

    Perhaps misleading statements made in Parliament by ministers should be regarded as perjury?
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Of course he can't remember why, after studying at the feet of the master, (pictured above,) it's just reflex now.
  8. Agreed MrPVRd, you lie in parliment, you can get lost. We don't want liars and cheats in Parliment we want descent honest folk, striving to make Britian the best country in the world.

    Not a bunch of wan*ers looking after their own interests.
  9. I thought parlement was a court ,or is that the House of Lords or both?
  10. Can anybody remember the last time a "class action" was successful in in the UK - yes - I do mean Gt Britain, and NI - in other words when did any group that was challenging the establishment win as a team and made the brastards change the law?
    Thalidomide? Nerve agent at Porton Down? "Gulf War Syndrome"? Deafened ex-troops?
    Or is it only the NI malignants (sorry - militants).
    I have no sympathy with the compo-culture (whilst lusting for the sausages) however I am in despair that our Prime ****** is a demonstrable liar together with much of our elected representation.
  11. PTP are going Pinko commie on us? You certainly seem to be leaning towards the left a bit lately, honours list coming up is it?

    And their leader hasn't even the backbone to get rid of them.
    Does someone have something incriminating on the Fuhrer, that keeps them and their pals in jobs?
  13. Wouldn't want anyone reaching for their high-priced silks over "slander" ,is all VerminWA.
  14. Erm, libel, PTP! Slander is oral communication of false statements...
  15. The last time a government minister (current or ex) sued over libel, he won his case but ended up in the clink himself some years later because he committed perjury.

    As the liar Byers case proves, ministers will do anything to avoid having to answer questions on oath. If Hutton and Butler had taken evidence on oath, the outcome would have been far different.