Jobs for Ex-Sappers


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went from building labourer, grave digger to Credit Manager and Director of London Press Club. With lots of other jobs in beetween now retired hurt . grin
Went from POM 1 to IT and Business Process Manager. Bit of a change in career direction.
Same here POM1 to IT, jobs since leaving were Drayman, Security Guard, Systems administrator, IT Manager, Group IT Manager.
worked in construction, quick stint as a commercial diver,migrated into working on film sets. now sat on a beach in the philippines teaching tourists and cute lbfms how to dive.
lifes rough sometimes!!!!
Is that Mr Baz B (Berlin 1990ish) hiding behind that helmet?
No i'm not the taxman/CSA/or a stalker
it sure is T_W.

as for me working as an electrical supervisor/manager.


Book Reviewer
Bit of construction, travelled a bit, got in to IT, now working in project management. Easy life.
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