jobs for air techs outside the army?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by kat1111, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. hi

    my partner is an air technician in the reme at wattisham. he has done all his training and is trained on apache helicopters. he is looking into his options for whathe could do if he left the army. does anyone know what sort of things he could do with his qualifications?

  2. I know a guy who was an Air Tech in the NZ Army who worked in the UK. Bright as a button etc but back in 2000 he was on 16K a year working on aircraft. The guy who signed off his work, who was about 50, got about 30k a year.

    Pants money basically, he retrained as a pilot. I think this goes for most electronics jobs in civvi st. Consider moving into the engineering/mechanical software side, much better paid and better future.
  3. Fix helicopters for Serco at Wattisham :!:
  4. Really? i am on more than the bloke stamping over me, yes i do more hours but at £17+ per hour with tax breaks its a tidy little earner :D
  5. Left as an airtech in 2002 and now in the oil industry. More than doubled my salary and work a 2&3 rota.

    When he leaves he shouldnt be blinkered and think aircraft work is the only thing he can do.
  6. I work alongside Rockhoppercrab, and vouch for what he says. Was recently working a nightshift and was getting over £23 an hour.Plus, if you set up your own company, you can make even more "savings".Just make sure you've got a good accountant!!

    Being an electrician in civvy street at the moment is good. Plenty of work and pay isn't too bad. I know Boscombe are after people, but not paying the best rate. Yeovilton are after people but spaces are filling up quick as it pays ok.

    It's awkward once you start contracting, but once you are known on the circuit, the work will find you. No real dramas.

    RockHopper, I expect to see you back at work, fresh as a little daisy on Monday!!Slacker!!