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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huggybear, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. just started a job in catering and on a 4 week trial, hours vary and some days work till 10. i was thinking of asking them after the 4 weeks if they would be ok with it. whats the chances on them of not minding. thanks :)
  2. Catering = McDonalds?
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  3. lol nope, harvester.
  4. Before the piss taking or thread binning commences (Both are justifiable) I'd keep my gob shut and get to know my employer.

    As and when you decide to tell them remember: "My Family, My Job the TA." Keep it in that order and all should go swimmingly.
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  5. Family, job, then and only then TA. If your employer doesnt want to give you time off or isnt willing to rearrange your shifts to account for drill nights then you will have a decision to make. Which pays your bills? The answer to that question will make the decision for you.
    damn beaten to it
  6. to both about the job first i know that :)

    thats what i'm going to ask, i'll say i'm thinking of it and happy if they say no.
  7. to both about the family and job first i know that :)

    thats what i'm going to ask, i'll say i'm thinking of it and happy if they say no.
  8. Well as everyone else here says your priorities must be your family, your job an then the TA

    If all goes swimmingly though then by god go for it. I highly reccomend life in the TA but don't let it take over/become your life. I've seen a few lads from our company who've done that an they don't particularly have good lifestyles outside the TA as they either gave up work, a partner, etc to do it which I don't reccomend.

    But trust me if your willing to give some of your spare time to serve your country then the benefits are amazing:

    .great training
    .nice extra pay boost at the end of the month
    .good mates you can rely on

    There's loads others but I canny be arsed to put them. Either way mate good luck if you decide to go for it :)
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  9. and cheap ale in the TAC bar,,
  10. Not half mate! Only reason you should need really
  11. i doff my hat,,
    easy money,
  12. Remind me again. Didn't the Kingo's Disband in 2006?
  13. Yep but then 4 LANCS was formed an the whole DOL Regiment kept the title Kingsman....hence Kingo
  14. The TA lads were until 2006 joined with a far more switched on , clever and all round more sexy battalion from south of the Mersey :)
  15. Personally I'd have mentioned it at the interview if I was already doing it but in a "Don't worry it's a weekend thing if I've got time" sort of way. Your new employer may have a bar on employing reservists and if you say you're doing it after 4 weeks employment then that's akin to lying on an application and, well, you know the rest.
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