jobs after the army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by siggy88, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. what are u planning to do after the army?

    i really wanted to join the police or fire service after the army but i am put off by the night shifts.

    what employers are looking for ex mil ?
  2. Become a prison officer. You can sit around all day reading newspapers.
  3. Bloody good jobs though, good money as well.
  4. dont u have to be really well built to be a prison officer ? or is that just a misconception of mine
  5. Siggy, have you ever seen prisoners? Most of them are little rat like creatures, and an Army trained man can make mince-meat of such types.
  6. ive just seen on one site '' they are expected to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends and some long days.'' , why does every career or job i like the idea of involve night shifts.
  7. Unfortunately these sort of jobs usually mean shift work.

    What sort of work would you really like to do, maybe starting your own business would be a better idea?
  8. Get on the railway, loads of money!!!! 8)
  9. Try for the fire service. Selection is fairly random, so it's hard to get in, but the money is good, the shifts are great and you'll be doing something worthwhile.
  10. If you're white, hetro and English you can forget the politzei and HM Prisons. The fire brigade only want female dwarfs, so...?
  11. Like Taxi driving, painting, decorating, delivering pizza's, being a personal trainer and a bit of fire fighting on the side ??
  12. you should start training up to be a nursery nurse or head for McDonald's. Are you afraid of working at night or something? Scared the boogeyman is out there? Are you really in the military? You sound more like a shop assistant.
  13. no i just dont want to do nights like a lot of people
  14. I'm going to trian walts proper skills and drills in preperation for there reanactments. Such as pairs fire manouveer, rates of fire, order of march, cam and concealment and specialt weaponry.
  15. Most civvies jobs don't have the banter you get in the forces. The fire service is one of the few where you will. Unlike the police you'll not be dealing with as much of the scumbags either, get to keep fit and a good pension, not to mention the odd adrenaline rush. :)
    Oh why didn't I listen to myself 20 years ago :roll:
    I remember it was a 1st choice for those leaving after the fireman's strike in 77 as we all got a taste for it from standing in.