Jobs After Leaving The Glorious Corps?

So I was twiddling my thumbs here in San Antonio, Texas. Getting paid obscene amounts of US dollars doing feck all.
When I was wondering what are the most popular jobs guys who left the Army have done or are doing at this moment?

Also I wouldn't mind knowing what has been the best new trade and worst!

Also If you want to elaborate on the reasons for this then that would be fine to, at least it will string out my day reading your responses!

Well For me I have always had great jobs since leaving the mob, all of the same ilk in the Mobile Telecoms setup.

But the one that sticks out for me was when I flew out Banana_Nosher to Barcelona, will never forget his face when I picked him up at the Airport, he still hadn't changed from the last day I saw him grunting his way around the BFT course at the Bananna!
He still owes me a pint or two for that gig, though my chances of getting at least one from him will be like the several copies Private he borrowed and never returned!
Ah Aunty,

Always knew you where slow witted, so fess up and entertain me about your post-army days! The times a ticking and I need some joviality, I'm still waiting for the donut as I know he's done some cracking sh1t since leaving! Funnily enough the donut didn't twig about this login either!
Some of us are still in! I got an e-mail from a mate who is just about to start as a train driver, ex Lynx Pilot. Most ex Lynx drivers that I know are flying for Police/Air Amb/Airliners.
Inspector Wexford, you are full of it!

Doing feck all as well? When I was there working before you turned up and bluffed your way in we never stopped! Late nights, weekends and it seemed like an endless toil of crap!

San Antonio eh? Great river walks, top frozen margitas and the Alamo.

Plumb posting fella.

Still in Budapest, living large and providing shody engineering solutions for ungreatful, misserable East Europeans.

Tarts are fab though, beers cheap and Chris Dita send his love.

Regards, Sweetfeet!
Ah Sweet Feet,

Mon Ami,

PM me your Tel. No. in Goulash Land!
Yep been sent here from San Francisco that's winding down now for Ericsson, though it looks like Ericsson won the whole of the west and the East Coast for T- Mobile. Though they don't have the spectrum yet, rumours are they need bods for October this year and it will be direct to T-mobile and not via a vender, I have contact details if your still looking for that California Dream.
Oh and the rates are reported to be better than Ericsson, then again they say that for every gig!

Are you in cahoots with the Swedish/Romanian one?

Like the Idea of train driver, heard the salary and packages are good as well and your not stuck in traffic queues!

As for old pilots, I was in an Irish pub in San Francisco 2 months ago talking to a group of Virgin Airways Cabin crew. Apparently there where 2 crews one from Manchester and one from London. Half an hour into quizing me what are the best places for a Saturday night in San Fran, I suddenly realised I knew an ex-AAC pilot who was a first officer for Virgin (shares a surname with a famous Man Utd footballer).

Upon mentioning his name and do they know him most of the Manchester crew nodded and smiled, most of the London crew mostly female looked at me aghast!

Upon further digging it became aparent that the London crew didn't like him. This intrigued me greatly, so this spurred me on to get some gossip about him, so I approached the Manchester crew upon which I was told that he had a reputation of going through most of the Female cabin crew like a bout of Food Poisoning and that he was known as the Man Whore of London Heathrow.

It always amazes just how small this world is, and I would like to say just however a leopard tries it will never manage to change it's spots!

Go On Fella!!
Insp_Wexford said:
(shares a surname with a famous Man Utd footballer).
WO2 Ronaldo flies for Virgin? :D
Sometimes these threads are a delight to read even when you haven't a ckue who they are on about (I know a fre trolley dolleys at heathrow and one who used to work for Virgin (although she isn't)).... lol
i started working for a large retailer starting with T and ending in ESCO as a section manager, nothing better than working with students who couldnt give a damn about work and only out for their beer money, oh and also I am stressing out with exams.

"Stress, i'll give you stress, trying to get around that BFT in under 10mins and 30 secs" thats what I tell them when they want time off, get funny looks, cant understand why?

I'm quite sure I know the Virgin FO you are referring to. He's a very naughty boy!

I do believe he is actually single-ish now so good on him! Wonder if he's took 5 minutes off mid-atlantic to plough the fields? Ok 2 minutes!!

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