Jobless Floppy Jocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Shortfinals, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Well the power that is from a high have decided that there are too many pilots......Maybe they should stop counting desk jockies. So i heard that some of the poor blokes in Wattishame have been told to find themselves jobs!!!!!!!!!! What next eh?
  2. Can you elaborate more on this?
  3. yeah thats true, and there no filling up all other posts for those who are due to move on much are they. I know of at least 3 in 1 Regt and 5 in 5 who are stopped by the overflow of floppie peeps. Not their fault I may add.
  4. This is old news for those involved and has been on the cards for some time - speaking to some of them it seems that the older Floppies are being channeled into "Aviation related" jobs - DASC, CSRO course instructors etc. Not all of them are against it but as mentioned above there are guys who are well and truly p*ssed off, having been told they were eligible for AH for years then having the carpet pulled from beneath them. The lack of Lynx slots doesn't help either - it's a big sh1t sandwich by the sound of it. :(
  5. Fecking quality, I say get them back in the MT with out flying pay
  6. There is one floppy jock 'working' (and I say that loosely) as IC pan troop at 4 Regt. What a waste of oxygen and flying pay he is.
    There are class three toms that know more on running of a pan troop than that waste of space.

    Proffessional soldier! - My ARRSE.
  7. Ah Sam Fisher an interesting reply, are you a failed grader. It is the Army AIR Corps isn't it?
  8. Groundie - would the person you are referring to have ginger hair and be the most obnoxious man in the corps??
  9. And would he be from the North East?
  10. No way. Because that person is currently flying non rotaries somewhere West of the Isle of Man and has rather large ears. He is regarded amongst his peers as a waste of fuel, let alone the ground crew. I'll bet the all girls corps are pleased hes no longer with them.
  11. Wasn't his brother a floppy pilot at some point too?
  12. My concern is WHO is letting/dragging muppets like this through a pilots course. Suggest that they return him to the shiny arsse position he came from, or does the Corps not do that any more!!!!!
  13. It's so life-affirming to hear that Groundies are still so full of hatred for anyone outside of their own Avtur soaked existence...hurrah for Groundies I say!!
  14. If the bloke cant hack it as a pilot then he sure as hell aint going to hack it as a GROUNDIE. Suggest the only course of action is MAG TO GRID.
  15. The latest on the grapevine is that regardless of your current job there are no extensions, so those Gazelle pilots working in atil and such like will be thinned out when their current tour is over. Before there continuonce starts.