Jobless doctors to be shipped overseas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Good to see that after 10 years of power, Neu Arbeit has got a grip of the problems in the health service...


  2. How come all the doctors I've ever had have been foreign? Quite bizarre!
  3. Reopen the military hospitals. Sorted.
  4. My reaction exactly.

    Funny old world.
  5. I thought there was a lack of doctors working for the NHS. Maybe I'm wrong, but sending them to volunteer posts overseas when they could be used in UK hospitals just smacks of further efforts by Bliar to destroy the NHS before his shower of shit handover the reigns.

  6. Quite simply, the foreign doctors have all the jobs now. When we were short, lots of time and money was spent encouraging people to train as clinicians and now the jobs aren't there anymore. It doesn't help when PFI is swallowing up a massive amount of the budget and your new computer system is years overdue and massively more expensive than planned.
    Put simply, the Liarbour government has mangled the NHS beyond recognition due to a Stalinist obsession with central control and 'targets'. Healthcare has been sacrificed to the administrator.
    Think it's just doctors? think again. When the new nurses and other medical professionals graduate this year most of them know that there aren't any jobs. I pity them.
    It's not just the newly qualifieds either. I know of many senior staff who have been made redundant or made to reapply for their own jobs as staff are made to manage multiple departments. What does a Radiographer know about running a Path Lab and more importantly, after 25 years in the NHS, why does he need to undergo a psychometric test to prove his ability?
    Best year ever my arrse!

    I think I'd better take a pill before my BP goes up any further....
  7. There is - but that won't stop dear Patsy laying off those that are left to free up cash for the diversity departments.

    My local hospital has closed a quarter of its beds and laid off a third of its staff since Labour came to power. Local campaigners used the FOI act to force the hospital managers to disclose that they'd been on black alert for 80 days during the past 3 months. Black alert means there's not a single free bed available in the entire hospital.

    Meanwhile they spent fifty thousand quid commissioning four 'comical' statues for the hospital grounds. I certainly wasn't laughing.
  8. Pity it is doctors and not 'Shortly to be ex Politicians'. Bliar to North Korea, together with his frightful wife; Prescott to Zimbabwe or maybe, Darfur, where he may lose some weight.
  9. AND THERE'S YOUR ANSWER! Why don't the individuals who make these obscene decisions ever, ever get fcuking SACKED? Gross negligence is what it is. AAAGH! :evil: :evil:
  10. The "demand management" measures of ZaNu Labour are beginning to bite. Health care is being rationed by the ubiquitous managers, so there is less need for "deliverers" of health care (called "doctors" and "nurses" in the past).

    I wonder how the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compare?
  11. They don't need to be sacked - they need to be prosecuted for manslaughter. If you or I ran a restaurant and it was so dirty that people died we'd be in jail. The government enforces tougher hygeine standards in kebab shops than it does in hospitals.

    The NHS admits to killing around 4000 per year purely through negligence. There is clearly a strong case for the prosecution of senior managers and ministers.

    In Scotland, the standard of healthcare is far superior to that in many parts of England. I believe government expenditure per capita in Scotland is around 20% higher than expenditure in England.

    The problem is exacerbated by the government's policy of cutting funding in areas that return Tory MPs. This frees up funds to spend in marginal constituencies where they have a chance of ousting a sitting MP and in places they can't afford to lose. The only hospital in the country that's not in deficit is in the Health Secretary's constituency.

    Where I live, health spending per head is 10% less than the English average and about 30% less than the Scottish average. Result? Entire hospitals are being closed, NHS dentists are a fond childhood memory and you can't see a GP unless you're dying.