Jobless couple with 12 brats gets free £500.000 gaff

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Now this really grips my sh1te!Especially when folk like myself,Hitback & others who leave the services for various reasons are told to f*ck off by their local councils!!! :evil:

    Jobless couple with 12 children are given a £500,000 home
    By DAN NEWLING and DANIEL BATES - More by this author » Last updated at 10:08am on 24th July 2007

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    It's the type of highly-desirable family home that is well beyond the reach of many middle-class professionals.

    A detached period house, with eight bedrooms, a garden, its own driveway and all set in a leafy residential area of well-to-do Newbury, Berkshire.

    But Carl and Samantha Gillespie - together with their 12 children - have been able to move in without paying the slightest heed to Britain's sky-rocketing house prices.

    In fact the couple have been given the keys without lifting a finger in work.

    How should we deal with these sponging barstewards?Give them a time limit to get a job or get out I think.I mean they get £44.000 a year in benifits!What's a Colour in the infantry on?probably half that!
    Bloody country's gone to pot!
    and breath.....
  2. Why the fcuk did I have that snip :? I wonder if I can adopt. It doesnt surprise me.
  3. I love what they named some of their kids:

    Kesla Blu
  4. I pity their eldest son - did he join up to get away from such bloody irresponsible parents!
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    An argument for enforced sterilisation anyone?
  6. Can anyone say sterilisation?

    Woops, someone already did.

    I hate you slow biff typing fingers!
  7. 'However, in June last year the property burnt down when one of the family's youngest twins played with a cigarette lighter'

    Says it all, really. Take the sprogs into care, x-ray the lazy sod into sterility and make them live in a ditch as an example to others.
  8. For gods sake someone give them a talk on contraception or even better allow them to jump the queue for sterilisation
  9. Someone says that you can't blame the family, it's the system. This is true, up to a point. The system does encourage people like this to not work, because they do better out of benefits. HOWEVER...

    People should have the damned decency to realise the benefits are NOT there so you can have 12 kids and get GIVEN money to bring them up; The benefit system is there for people UNABLE to work, or people LOOKING for work. They should have ALL benefits stopped immediately, having now admitted to not having jobs because they do better out of benefits.

    Good on the eldest for bugging out to the Army.
  10. Feckin Outrageous, sad thing most of these kid's will probally grow up and do the same. Make's my blood boil a little more, knowing these scum have all that and were paying to keep these **** pig's in Richmond fags and LaCoste tracksuit's!

    English goverment, yet again a salute you! :salut:
  11. Its pathetic the way the father got a crappy job at Asda. Whines about being less well off and gives up on the whole idea of working. Why not get a better job dumbass?
  12. What surprises me is that you're surprised. My daughter lived in a council house after she divorced (3 kids) which was a real sh!te hole of a place. The whole ceiling collapsed after the water tank burst and the place became unliveable. Council offered her bed and breakfast accommodation (in a motel near the M1 with a then 8, 5 and 2 year old). They ended up living with me for over a year and the council couldn't give a rats arrse of damn because they knew I'd help out (believe me, 3 adults and 3 young kids in a 3 bed semi doesn't create a life of harmony). Council didn't offer one alternate house in over a year. She now lives in rented accommodation with help from me for the rent.
    Meanwhile, woman next door to her old house with 6 kids (five different fathers) has been moved 4 times, each to bigger accommodation when she drops another brat and they are all feral youths who make the neighbours life hell.
    Patient at my surgery with 5 kids was given a lovely 4 bed house. All the houses round (privately owned) are well kept and maintained. Hers has broken windows, old tyres and dumped washing machine in the garden. A lovely 300K house given to scumbags.
    I'm afraid there are hundreds of stories like this and I've heard girls in the pub openly saying they are going to have another brat (don't care who the father is) so they can get a bigger house. It grips my sh1te that they actually get it. Why work or save when everything is handed to you on a plate? Those who deserve our help seem to be the last ones to get it.
    How about an academic discussion on compulsory sterilisation at birth?
    (((Sorry, rant over, back to my Guinness)))
  13. There is a couple in my home town who have eight kids, the council knocked through two flats for them and they still werent happy.

    I was at home and out in the pub when the male half of this couple was whinging on about about how cramped it was, how his kids have to share (!) etc .. neither of them work as according to him the family "is his full time job"

    He had time (and money) to spend a full afternoon boozing though .. :?
  14. If things don't work out for us, I know of a good, large family property in Ashtead they might like.

    The Nimbys would love that. :D
  15. I read this story and it simply made my blood boil. I pity the kids as their parents are obviously retards of the highest order (or is it that we all are by going to work to fund these workshy scroungers). This should be a case for compulsory sterilisation.