Network Our Selling Points

Mant posters repeat the mantra that we are a 'group' (with slightly differing definitions). We are. However we have not taken this far enough. Some gripes are:

1. My employer doesn't understand/like the TA and doesn't like me taking time off/being tired on Monday/away for 11 months etc.
2. There are a lot of weirdo's/wannabees out there.
3. How do we find the good prospects?
4. How do we retain people?
5. How can we make ourselves relevant/more relevant to:

a. Those in already?
b. Those we WANT to recruit?
c. Our and their employers?

The idea for the possible (at least partial answer) came from:

1. Needing to build a shed.
2. The phrase on ARRSE love (probably not very well expressed), 'Squaddies get 'em while they're hot'.
3. Seeing a Reg SPSI know how to get the shed made (mentioned in 1. above), more cheaply than I could get it (then it became personal!).

We sit on a huge resource and don't even know it (though I am sure a few do).

We have a group of people who are employees, employers and consumers. Additionally we have access to a far greater network of contacts than we really think about (Reg, Ex-Reg, Associations, past members, current personal contacts). More than that we have a forum (or market place) - The TAC.

Job Club

The idea is to collate (with permission) the outline employment details of serving members. They are then asked what vacancies normally arise, qualifications/experience, part time, seasonal, and where possible any serving soldier discounts that could be/become available.

Concurrently, a few people scour the yellow pages and their contscts to find seasonal/contract employers (e.g. HGV, companies requiring summer cover etc), and the Unit/sub-unit contacts external employers.

Now we have a data base of potential employers. This can be used in the following ways:

1. Bloke is made redundant. Whilst looking for full time career, there are a number of people to call to help keep income coming in.
2. More relevant contract/piece work may be available.
3. An in to an employer may be possile.
4. Students etc can be helped with part-time and seasonal work with employers more understanding of the TA.
5. All of us could be helped to find an employer who is more sympathetic.

We are not saying we WILL get you a job, but what a nice safety net. Could be very useful for helping to recruit pers leaving our affiliated Reg units. How many of them, or 19/20 yr olds have an employment network?

This is NOT 'we can do you a week cleaning rifles for an inspection', this is (ad hoc) trying to benefit everybody.

Why should it work? Well it is a network (not necessarily and preferrably not confined by cap badge or worse sub-unit). It already happens in a very limited way. But if we got this going in a few adjacent/overlapping units/sub-units, it could prove to be a very real benefit.

This will not go into the bigger picture, but getting back to the blasted shed, it will now be 3 times bigger and do what I want it to do. Also given an in to a group I would NEVER have found for recruiting.

Note: Always think Affinity Club. I poled up at the local swimming bath with the fruit of my loins in tow, and after the first three times, the ID card was seen in my wallet. Now I swim FREE. Somebody else did the sale on that one.

Okay, so GH is off on one again! How the hell do we sell this?

Leeds Business School Stats (paraphrased - the TA spends approx 11 times p.a. what an employer does on personal and professional development). Please read enlightened but still evil smilie here!

Quote from a contract/ short term employer (driving) 'We want to employ TA or Ex-Army people. They check the vehicle before they get in it, rarely get lost, and if they do sort it out themselves, are polite to our clients, arrive on time and report vehicle faults when they finish'. If I can get that as a quotable (i.e. auditable) quote, I will provide to all who ask.

How can anybody leave if the 'club' was how they got their job in the first place? There is at least one witness to 'the excuse', and there is an 'officially' intangible benefit to joining/staying.

Who else can provide such a wide range of 'vetted' employers? If we have 2 blokes in the same industry but with 2 different employers, one on-side the other not, how about helping the latter join the former?

I am not going to go through the whole gamut. There is an idea, if you can use it then fine. If not then why bother replying? I just see ties into resettlement centres, job centres, Associations and RBL. Just want to widen the network. Just want to recruit an retain

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