Job vacancy.... Security Guards (not BG or CP)

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Rincewind, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Seriously, the people who do the security for our building in Sheffield (amongst other sites too) need ex mil people for immediate start for client and public facing security guards.... ideal if you are just wanting something to keep you going etc....

    you get a posh uniform and get to look at totty all day, and they pay you... its not taxing, do a few security patrols throughout the shift and the rest fo the time you sit at a desk and watch DVDS and respond to lost people.

    PM me if you are keen, will give you scottys number

    have posted the ad in the job section too - i know this isnt a top qual add - i have no idea what the pay is.... but scotty the area supervisor needs some quality people as the local civ tossers all let him down recently for one reason or another (one let a santa walk right into the financial dir office and rattle a tin at him for charity) one fell asleep - you get the picture.....

    well scotty (ex RN Chief Petty Officer) asked if i knew any ex service types who would be interested as he is sick of civiy types being a major dissapointment......

    over to you.

    Rincewind out.
  2. Heh, and you make it sound SO easy...

  3. The security in the building I work in do just about what he said, oh and drink tea..... if the going gets tough they call the police.....

    Sounds like a nice easy semi retired ex-service mans job to me... do they need any short civvy types with a bad temper and there own attitude problem?


    PS Lost people stay lost as I have no sense of direction....
  4. So Beebs, it's stupid O'clock in the morning, your outside, it's blowing a hurricane and pissing down. You walk round the corner to find 6 shaved Gorrlias about 4ft away.

    Apart from makeing a mental note to chage your underwaer at the earliest possible moment, what do you do?

    After that happens, the £7 per hour seems alot less worth it. :p
    There' also something to be said about doing 60 hour weeks, and hardly seeing your partner or kids, unless your a lucky git and land a mostly Days.
  5. that would be tre tre weird no? our secuirity dont go out side. there never more than 3' from the hotchocolate machine on free vend.... we (IT Support) get on well with the security guards as we work shifts too and they get to watch totty walk past thier station all day - thier uniform is like number 1 dress. and you can wear your medals and rank as the corps of commisionaires has some royal dispensation and can traces its history yadayadayada...

    its really not a bad job...

    security glass, cctv in colour and all doors have electronic access one gets in unless they are allowed to. surrounding area is all students.... imagine sitting on the front desk at 2300 on a friday night - all them pissed female student in skimpy clothes....

    i did security work when i came out the mob (who didnt) and i remember standing in some poky hole with a maglite and a 2way radio in the freezing cold....this is nothing like that


    PS bbc - you'd be no good - the dedaa's cant speak jockaneese.
  6. Corps of Commissionaires - No thanks! - worked for them for a few months, quit this year after they told me I wasn't allowed to go on my brother's stag do in April as I hadn't given them enough notice. (I informed them in December!) :?

    Worst managers and supervisors I have ever worked for! (Admittedly most were civplanks!) :(

    Good luck recruiting though! :lol:

  7. oh you mean like working at hte 6th form college for 3 years? :twisted:
  8. Yeah.

    accept what has been said - the area manager for this area seems like a top chap, and the guys i talk to on the desk say its a good firm to work for.... cant speak for the rest of the nation.

  9. i fansy that. Wood i get a gun an bulets?
  10. Get a real job boys CP work in Afghanistan or Iraq money, money, money if you stay alive long enough to reap the rewards.

    Merry Christmas and as Tiny Tim says God bless everyone well almost apart from raghead mutherfickers.

  11. I never understand ex mil doing these types of security jobs, exept tazzer types near retirement etc.
    Everybody bitches and moans about stagging on when they are in, when they get out go and get paid near min wage.......stagging on!!!!!
    Anyway Taz you get paid enough selling your arrse, why go to Afghanistan or Iraq unless those types are floating your boat these days?


  12. Better than sitting on your fat ass all day behind a desk fatboy DISCOS

  13. Rather than touching my toes for a fiver, me thinks not baldy
  14. Working at 2300 hrs on a friday night? hmm, I'm tempted....oops, typo, not tempted!
  15. could I wear my 100m swimming badge as well?