Job Vacancies in comms

I left the army, Royal signals, after 9 years, last xmas. Ive made a few contacts in the comms field, so if anyone is interested in some help pm me.

word of advice, i initially dealt with a job agency called 4exforces. The partners had a row, while i was still working with them, so my pay got fcuked up , while they split the company up. They all went their own way.

and started up companies called:

the first 2 are cowboys and worth avoiding.
4exmil, seems to be ok from what i have heard. is run by ex signals guy called JC.

Top tip is to use the ctp right job login, through your resettlement.


Having read the most recent post to this forum I notice our Recruitment Agency is not mentioned. Demob Job specialises in the placement of ex Armed Forces personnel into civilian employment. Being ex Royal Signals (24 years) I obviously have a vested interest in personnel with a similar background.

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