Job/Trade Choice Problems!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Liamw_, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Alright people got a few problems and questions i wouldn't mind knowing more about or taking some advice as i really am confused @.@

    First off i passed my selection 2 weeks ago with a grade B 114pts and was told to just wait for a date. Earlier this week i was called in and told my first choice surveyor were not taking on any recruits, my second job electrician had a waiting list and i didn't make the intake shortlist, and my third choice draughtsmen were also not taking on.

    My recruiters then told me they could get me into the signals in September which i refused because having family in the Engineers obviously put me off and it didn't seem like a job i'd enjoy!

    I have been told if i only want to be in the RE (for a relatively soon intake) then i could be an Log Spec, Armoured Engineer or Geo Tech.

    I realise Geo Tech means i have to go through further selection procedures and do a job which is well out the way of the action and i would rather not be stuck behind a desk! + I am told i am over qualified to do the other available trades because my recruiter says 'with good GCSE's you should go geo tech or int corp', but i don't know whether he's saying this to try and fill the big spaces in the geo tech intake.

    Sorry about the masses of information above but basically i would like to know if you get another choice at Phase 2 training(Gib Barracks) to change your trade for phase 2b?

    And whether being a geo tech really is as boring as it seems and in a 'geeky' regiment?

    P.S i am wanting to make a decision out of these 3 because of the huge waiting list for the RE and the fact no other jobs will recruit for up to a year..
    (according to my recruiter)
    Thanks, it all probably only makes sense to me... :slow:
  2. Dude that is seriousky unlucky! Have you thought about trying the REME? or going in as something else in a different corps and transferring? (Unsure how easy that is tho...)

  3. Recruiter is trying to meet his targets, not yours. I am sure that there are over subscribed trades, but you should hold out for what you want. Svy or Dtmn will always ultimately recruit, but you may have to wait a while. Ask if you can do your basic and wait for the trade training to come along. It is a while since I was instructing at the RSME, but I would have snapped the hand off any motivated young Dtmn E&M.
    Stick with your choice. The Army will still be there in a few months time, and certainly don't join another Capbadge just to satisfy a recruiters manning targets!
    Good luck, and keep faith. Ubique.
  4. I know in a pretty weird situation where i don't want to wait because what if i don't make the intake next time around which is looking like 2012, then i'm fu*ked, dont fancy joining another corps either because its a family thing + nothing else appeals to me in the forces to be honest!

    Cheers greyfox i just don't know whether to get in to the RE now as an Armoured Engineer and possibly see if surveyor comes available while im at RSME.. hmmm

    Thanks for the inputs though!
  5. also look at the bigger picture a trade in Geo Tech will ultimately stand you in better stead than that of Armd Engr when you leave the army.
  6. As armoured you would not be doing your phase 2 at RSME either. You would be in Bovvie where you are less likely to have contact with other trade opportunities in the Corps.
  7. Unless things have changed dramatically (and no-one has told me) Ammo Tech is an RLC trade. Maybe a typo or perhaps you have been misinformed.
  8. Liam,

    I suggest you try calling the Engineer Recruiting Liaison Staff (ERLS) on 01252 863305. You would then get some RE specific advice from those in the know!!

    Good luck.
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  9. Beat me to it!

    As to over qualification, I got decent grades at GCSE and was never told that I was overqualified for the trades you mentioned, AT being my route. It'l be about the recruiters targets.
  10. Geo-techs walk away with a degree, after their class 1. Not to be sniffed at. Their job is far from "sat behind a desk" too.

    At the end of the day, do what you want to do.
  11. Liamw

    I was on the geo-tech aptitude course last week and i was told there is ALOT of class room learning involved. following basic training and the combat engineering course, you are looking at approx 40+ weeks in a class room environment learning about the geo-tech trade. it is tough at times doing all of the learning but that is why they have a huge emphasis on sports

    it is not a particularly 'hands-on' trade and therefore more academic however, as people have pointed out, you get tons of qualifications that are worth big bucks on civvy street. if you need any more info feel free to PM
  12. Oh my mistake i meant Logistic Specialist, where i got ammo tech from i don't have a clue sorry!

    Being a geo tech sounds interesting too a point, especially with the incentive of a degree to be had and great civvi oppurtunities, its just the way it's made out to be a 'office' type job, and many people stating 42 reg, hermitage really isn't the most exciting place in the world to be spending the younger years of my life :p

    and the fact i would rather do a ''hands-on'' trade yet don't fancy waiting 1-2 years to be told theres still plenty of people waiting ahead of me.

    Was basically just wanting to know more info considering i'v been told theres a chance you can change your trade at RSME. So thanks Headless_Panel_Pin as i will contact that number!

    brownman i think i'v been booked on to this course so will have to PM you as i have no details what so ever about what happens down there.

    Thanks everyone
  13. Could you expand on that kind sir?
  14. I don't know much about geo other than they always do their trade (unlike the vast majority of the Corps), get a Foundation Degree at the end of their Class One and do some random jobs.

    As for being over qualified that is crap. I know guys who've joined the ranks with good degrees (2:2 +) so having a few A star GCSEs doesn't mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Main stream whilst (i.e. outside of geo) surveyor or draughtsmen are two of the best trades to do for future civvy employability. Both get HNDs upon completion of their Class One, with surveyors getting graduate membership of the Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors because of the level/depth of knoweldge they have. Stick to your guns, phone up Engineering Recruiting Liason at 3 RSME and they will square you away.
  15. Cheers plant life i'll ring them tommorow its just the fact i'm fifth on the waiting list for a surveyor and they haven't got any intake spaces. Glad to hear that about the over-qualified thing aswell tbh..

    Didn't quite understand what you meant by they would square me away? Is that a good thing or bad haha? :/