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Discussion in 'RLC' started by stinker, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Now I admit I'm a bit slow off the mark but when did the job titles change in the RLC and just for interest, why?

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    We now have as examples;

    Logistic Ammunition Technician
    Logistic Supply Specialist
    Logistic Support Driver
    Logistic Movement Coordinator
    Logistic Boat Crewman
    Logistic Fuel Specialist
    Logistic Support Chef
    Logistic Postal Courier
    Logistic Port Operator
    and best of all a Logistic Hygiene Technician

    Is this part of a plan to "brand" the RLC?

    ******* waste of money IMHO
  2. Logistic Boat Crewman??

    No one told me I wasn't a Marine Engineer anymore, and the Seaman/Navigator trade has only just been rebranded to Mariner.

    Just clicked the link, no ME shown, so I wonder if I am a crewman or a pilot, even the descriptions don't help.
  3. A few trades have been missed off, is this a ploy by DRLC to can them in the hope no one would notice?
  4. No one told me I was a Logistic Ammunition Technician either, I see no need to be defined as "pertaining to logistics" - I'd say it's pretty obvious with my cap badge, stable belt and TRF. It's not like the rest of the Army cap badges have a similar trade to mistake it with.

    TBH I couldn't be arrsed to write the rest out,.

    Is this the first step in a return to the trade 2000 idea of everyone a Logistician then spec traded.

    The RLC page of the site doesn't have the changed job titles though, so may all be bollox.

    Learn an RLC trade - British Army Website

    Then again no suprise there.
  5. And when did I suddenly become a Logistic Fuel Specialist?????
  6. There are other recognition features such as pregnant servicewoman, laminated biff chit, ammo pouches full of Ginsters :wink:

    Almost as funny as "Soldier first, then Tradesman" :wink:
  7. logistical barrier technician on there?
  8. where's the fecking train driver gone?

    i wanna be a train driver.
  9. Best join the TA for that. The regular Railway element is all but extinct.

  10. You should be asking when did you become a Petroleum Operator?!!

    Only joking mate, hope things are good out there!