Job Selection sheet, No Vacancies this period or next period?

Hey guys.

I have done all my paperwork, BARB tests etc... and onto my job selection before starting ym interviews.

I have my job selection sheet here and thankfully I have the job on there that I wanted (Armoured Engineer)

However next to the job it says "No vacancies this period" & "No vacancies next period" What does this mean? Does this mean that there is no jobs opening up anytime soon?

Also does anyone know how long it usually takes to get a job in the Royal Engineers?

Correct. Be prepared to be waiting a year, or even more than a year. And thats after you passed selection.
Cheers mate thanks for that.

My second choice is going to be infantry, there are plenty of jobs available for the next period.

Say for example I put Armoured Engineer as my first choice, but it is correct that it could take upto a year or even longer to get offered a job, what are the chance of opting for my 2nd job once I put my 3 selections in?

The 2 jobs I would love to do it Armoured Engineer or Infantry, but I am swaying more to Engineer, however if the wait is as long as you say then I may put infantry as my first choice as I don't mind waiting but don't know if I could cope with waiting over a year
Just concentrate on getting a very good A grade, pick your three job preferences you want and then you will know where you stand. There are no vacancies until at least after April 2011 for Armd Eng and the reason theres no vacancies for 2011/2012 yet is because the RAP is still being worked out. Remember theres well over 2000 applicants already passed ADSC so to stand a good chance of jumping ahead of them get a better A grade. Also listen to the advice YOUR recruiter tells you as they will have all the up to date info.
Your grade will make a big difference on waiting time,so be honest to yourself ,think where you actually stand ,you should know that anyway ,and then yes,waiting waiting ...there are so many who are waiting, but then again I hope some will give up waiting :) so I can get my dream job quicker lol :) I would never go in just to do.... a job,if is not the job I wanted,so is all up to you mate.Good luck

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