Job Seeking Assistance For All Ex Service Personnel

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kjhblue, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Press Release.


    The Regular Forces Employment Association is launching an employment service

    for; those people leaving or have left the Armed Forces who are/were not entitled to the Ministry Of

    Defence (MOD)- Resettlement, service delivered by the Career Transition


    The RFEA was established as a charity in 1885 to help ex-Service

    personnel gain rewarding and sustainable civilian employment; providing job-finding

    services throughout the UK and in Germany. In 1998 we the RFEA became a sub-

    contractor to Right Management, the MOD prime contractor in the delivery of

    resettlement services to those leaving the Armed Forces after serving for 4 or more


    The new service assists those who have been in the military for less than 4 years, or

    have served for longer but have been discharged early, or are Reservists who have

    completed at least one operational tour. The former two categories of Service

    Leavers are termed collectively by the MOD as Early Service Leavers (ESL).

    Funded by generous donations from the ex-Service benevolent funds, principally the

    Army Benevolent Fund; and by a grant for IT resources from the Veterans Challenge

    Fund; our work for these people has been developed by two, Specialist Employment

    Consultants (SEC) based in the North and the Midlands.

    Using bespoke customer relationship management tools developed by the RFEA,

    the SEC are able to provide a comprehensive service ranging from signposting to

    appropriate agencies up to a full job-finding service including advice & guidance, CV

    development, access to training opportunities, job-matching and access to

    customised job-boards. Supporting services are provided by our network of 25

    Employment Consultants across the UK and Germany who provide employment

    services to personnel entitled to MOD support within the Career Transition

    Partnership and to those entitled personnel who have been out of the military for

    more than 2 years. For more information and access to this new service contact:

    Kevin Hartley at or on 01457 831140

    PO Box 126
    SK15 2LE