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Good start (Adrian?). Honest opinion: not bad but a little ragged in places, fair comment? No offence meant. Enterprising and very useful nonetheless. Over on The List they have a number of services including Career Support .If your service includes IAG qualified support , and experience of careers advice and guidance then it's a valuable tool. Big responsibilities go with looking after former service personnel as I'm sure you understand.

Is there a convincing and informative "About Us" section to attract candidates and give them (and indeed others) confidence? what if employers visit your site, what do you want to say to them? Just going to look at demobjob.

Good luck.


Demobjob looks great by the way. Much better and I'd have confidence in it. Hell I might even apply myself .
Expecting a bollocking for responding to Spammers or something.
Hi Tremaine

Thanks for your comment and suggestions regarding content. I know The List do a great job and provide the additional formal Career Support.

Thanks again and all the best.


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