Job Seekers Allowance - Retiring from UKSF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nottyash, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to post but;

    This may be of interest to anyone about to retire or terminate their Service and is considering taking time out.

    I thought that having recently retired from the Army, and whilst taking a sabbatical before finding another job, I would inform the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP), to ensure that my National Insurance (NI) contributions were kept up to date. There in lay my mistake, believing that my past 23 and a bit years subscriptions to this 'fine' institution would stand me in good stead.

    Anyway, following a long telephone call, (40 minutes), and completing an equally long form, (30 pages), I was given an appointment at my local Job Centre Plus in order to discuss my claim with a 'Handler'.

    On the day itself, I was met at the 'front office' by 4 burley, uniformed members of Group 4 security who looked decidedly edgy, as if they were waiting for either me or someone else to 'kick off'. A conversation took place, (there were absolutely no pleasantries).

    The place was full of people who were clearly pissed, (Or on something else), the majority of them also appeared to have remained unwashed for some time, whereas I on the other hand, turned up in true military fashion, on time and relatively well dressed.

    I was introduced to my 'Handler', a woman, who was severely disabled. She had difficulty in speaking and only had the use of one arm, seemed disinterested, and unfortunately for both her and me, her affliction meant that the process took 1 and half hours instead of the usual 30 - 40 minutes.

    I took all this in my stride, after all this was all new to me. I left with an appointment or claimant card, which indicated what date and time I was to attend every 2 weeks, in order for them to pay my stamp.

    My Job Centre Plus office is very local, so I thought 20 minutes every two weeks is a small price to pay for my NI contributions.

    How wrong could I be. Then followed 9 weeks of letter after letter, requesting copies of every document you could think of. Not only mine, but documents relating to my wife as well. In the meantime during this exchange of correspondence, I dutifully attended every two weeks, standing in line, (Well sort of), with the drug addicts, alcoholics and general society misfits.

    After suffering this process, I decided to go and do a course, which I hasten to add I paid for myself and this course, was due to clash with my 'sign on' date.

    I telephoned staff at the JCP in plenty of time and was told 'No', it's too early, ring up on the date that you are meant to sign on. So I did. During this exchange I was subjected to a series of questions the Gestapo would of been proud of; 'Where's the course', 'who is running it', 'Can you prove that you are on the course' etc.

    Again following the instructions, I telephoned their office on my sign on date and was spoken to by a rather rude, unsympathetic and sarcastic 'Gentleman' who begrudgingly gave me an appointment for early o'clock the following Monday.

    I turned up on Monday, with the requisite documentary proof in hand and was told that the evidence, (My Course Certificate), was not good enough and that I would have to go in front of an 'adjudication' panel (Consisting of two people), who would assess my claim to see if my 'absence' was justified, or whether to discontinue my claim.

    I got rather annoyed at this point and hot under the collar. But remained calmly annoyed.

    I pointed out that not only had I paid my stamp since the age of 16, that I had also complied with everything they had asked me to do and that to date (Despite their sodding review), how could they withdraw my NI contributions, when as yet, they had not been kind enough to send me a letter telling me that they were actually going to pay it. I politely told them to 'sod off' and signed off there and then.

    I think the woman was delighted. Yet another triumph in their local statistics.

    I got a letter two days after signing off, telling me that I was not entitled to JSA, (I already knew that before starting the process). I still to this date do not know if they agreed to pay my stamp, but if I am truthful I am past caring.

    I thought at the outset that I would play the game. Having gone through the process, I wish I had never bothered.

    To anybody else who was thinking of applying for your ‘stamp’? I would strongly advise you not to bother your ARRSE.

    On a side issue, throughout my experience, the majority of individuals in the Job Centre were foreigners. I lost count of the amount of times I overheard a 'Handler' say, 'You will receive a payment(s) this week'.

    The whole system is an absolute joke. Was I nieve, I don't think so. Just thought I would let the goberment do what it's supposed to do.

    It was a degrading and worthless experience, which I hope, having read this post, no one will contemplate emulating.

    Edited to correct grammar.
  2. I hate to say it but I'm sure that your experiences at the hands/flippers of the DHS Mongs are pretty typical.
    You are a statistic to them and statistics are not supposed to answer back
  3. Just burn the place down.
  4. Welcome to civvy street.
  5. Just imagine if you were trying to get a roof over your head as well,my sympathies are with you.
  6. I spazzed myself fairly extensively last year and was off work for 8 months. Some one told me I should "Sign on"

    Fair enough I thought....................................tootled down the job center, was met by some sort of bull dike security fiend, she asked what I wanted,

    to sign on I said,

    right sir take this bit of paper feck off and ring this number....

    But I'm here I said, can I not talk to some one other than the fecking security,

    you're talking to me I'm qualified to give you this bit of paper, (agressively and offended)

    Got herded to a desk manned by some anorexic bird with her fingers covered in plasters (I mean every singly area of each finger plastered up)

    I've paid my dues what can you do for me I'm spazzed

    Why aren't you working

    Because I'm quite obviously spazzed

    Have you talked to your employer

    I'm self employed

    well we can't do anything for you


    next scum bag

    Thats not right can I have a second opinion


    Go on talk to them people over there at least

    10 minutes later

    Can't do anything for you............................................................


    Talk to your accountant

    I've paid my wack since leaving schoo, I've also pumped sh+t loads into the system in tax and some disfunctional c+nt behind a desk seems happier to spunk my cash dollars into third generation fecking scumbags pockets so the can get pished on aldi lager and push out more fecking wasting c=nts who further spunk my tax

    The painful thing is the double wammy, sponging fecking leeches on society get cash to survive and pish up and use up a disproportional % of the services tax provide (Police run round after them, they soak up health care, prisons are filled with them, they fail to tax and insure their motors, social services wait hand an foot on them and sort out their sh+t

    Etc etc :x

    Rant over (bad day)
  7. notty/gimp...same detail here, not me, but father-in-law had illness 2 yrs ago which prevented him working for 5 months....

    he & spouse had both worked from age of 16, so had paid best part of 80 yrs tax / NI between them. When he was discharged from hospital they went to the stadtbureau to see if they could claim anything and were fecked off in no uncertain terms.

    Reason, because they had small amount of personal savings and were home owners they were told to ram it and live off their savings...

    however, i've said before, we're also to blaim for this for putting up with it....
  8. Had the same run around with Child benefits. they stopped paying me for my daughter last May , I complained officially (and pointed out that 27 years of paying my stamp duty must count for something) reply , sorry but you don't live in the UK.

    True I only pay tax on my pension and savings AND was told by HM Customs and Ex that I could not pay my class 2 NI for the first year working in the EU.

    Still great to get the final warning in Dec that I OWED THEM for their overpayment in Feb 2006 and would I pay or ELSE the Customs would be forced to take the matter to a higher authority.

    Still glad to see that Mr. Pavel Wijowski after getting to the UK and getting his NI card after 1 day , slogging his guts out for 2 weeks as a Turkey castrator for Bernard Matthews is getting his child allowance for his 7 kids paid directly into his Polish account in Krakow.

    All those who have done 22 plus, put in for a Pensions forecast. It will tell you how much you owe for a full state pension; the full payment time is now 30 years. Due to my 27 years in I only owe 3, pay it in a one and screw UK PLC.
  9. Similar situation.
    In my time I have paid enough tax an NI to warrant my own gold plated dole office so I thought things wouldn’t be too hard.
    Signed on (jumped through all the hoops and filled in the forests worth of paperwork) and started receiving the princely sum of £50pw.
    I am not sure what happened to all those stories you hear about people getting so much from the state that they can afford not to work!

    After a while and with no luck in finding a job my savings were gone and my credit cards were taking a hammering. I had to sell my car.
    When I did I paid off my credit cards and various bills I had run up. I was left with a few hundred quid. Nothing wrong there I thought.
    The next thing I know is that I am under investigation from the DSS Fraud squad! They want to know why for five days I had over £4k in my bank account! It seems that they monitor everyone’s bank accounts for unexpected deposits.
    I think they thought I was some sort of drug dealer. Not just the bank account you give them when you sing on but they know about all accounts that you hold.
    I explained what had happened and that it was only in my account for 5 day’s whilst clearing and was then used to pay bills that I had run up because I £50pw would not pay the mortgage, gas, electricity etc.etc. Bugger me they said I was guilty of fraud (as I had over a certain amount in my account, even though it was only for five days) and cut my weekly dole to £45pw so that I could pay back what they had calculated I owed them!
    All this happened when I routinely saw all manner of scum with dirty offspring milking the system for thousands of pounds a year.
    I once overheard a conversation between a dss bod (the majority of whom are mongs, limping and dribbling all over the place), and an extremely fit looking Polish girl who was trying to claim disability benefit by saying she could only lift three bags of sugar at a time! When she left she jumped into her boyfriends car grinning.
    A truly degrading experience I would wish on no one.
    There does seem to be a whole underclass that are perfectly adapted to this way of life and who know how to play the system. They should be taken to one side and turned into glue.

    Avoid at all costs.
  10. Looking at the OP I would think you would need SF training in interrogation to survive the stress of a first encounter with the SS. Some of you may not believe this but in the eighties it was even worse.:)

    Top Tip:
    Avoid large city centres for these purposes if possible.
  11. I signed up for civ div last Friday. I have no delusions about any kind of state help, as I have been a law abiding, tax & NI contributor for over 30 years. Besides that I am in a ethnic minority (white anglo saxon). Must admit I have not gave any thought to state pension. OLD BLOKE am I in the clear? (have worked for 35 years) all told.

  12. I retired early after Services and and Home Office. Consolidated pension meant I was not eligible for any payments ( I get enough to survive).
    Went to sign on to ensure sufficient NI "stamps". I got a pension forecast that said I had enough stamps so I stopped signing on.
    Incidentally, I don't know about other areas, but here those on JSA are entitled to a number of fee paid further education courses. Quite handy for work related training so it might be worth the effort(?)
  13. Well, i suppose the people who work there dont have the best job around, having to deal with wasters every day. I didnt really have too many problems when i left the Army, i claimed jobseekers for 2 months until the start date of my new job, and i didnt even have to go in to 'sign on' for half of that because they didnt have enough people to see me. Having been in there now more than a few times with my gf, trying to get her into a job i do have some sypathy with those who work there, they cannot win whatever they do.
  14. Sorry fella, 'sympathy' my arrse.

    If they can't tell the difference between someone who has served his country for almost a quarter of a century and has paid his due's and a 20 year old beer swilling, pipe smoking 'Stig in the Dump', then they too deserve to join the ranks of the unemployed.

    Maybe then and only then, when they have 'experienced' the service, or more accurately, the lack of service that they themselves offer, would they become more sympathetic.

    If they don't like the job, dealing with people who are not the brightest, politest or sharpest tools in the job, fcuk off and get another one.

    I would of complained, but I took the view that if you can't even pay my stamp, why on earth are you going to deal with a complaint.
  15. They have reduced the qualifying period to 30 years because by the time you lot get it at 65....67 or whenever, it will be worth the sum of the square root of Föck All.

    I worked 40 years and paid NI contributions for 39 years. At 60 the government used to make up the years to qualify for the full pension [42 + 5 years] so thought I would in my case get 44 yers worth. Not a chance because if you lived abroad for those 5 years, even in the EU] They did not include the 5 years even though I was and still am paying tax on my pensions to the Chancellor.