Job security and pay?


I can only presume this has been asked and answered before but I haven’t found what I’m looking for and I hope some of you bright lads (or ladies) can answer this for me.

I would like to know what kind job security you have with your civvy job if you were to be sent away for X amount of months?
How does the pay work with regards to your civvy job. Does the army pay the difference of your civvy job or do need to claim it via Sabre?
Thanks in advance.


You have no job security whatsoever, especially as mobilisation isn't complusory at the moment. Your employer has to keep your job open for you (if you are mobilised) but there is nothing to stop them making you redundant the day after you go back to work. If you volunteer to be mobilised and then tell your employer that its compulsory (as the paperwork makes it out to be) and your employer found out that you had volunteered then you could be sacked for breach of contract.

Best bet is to get your employer on your side before you volunteer.

The army will pay you at either your civvy rate or the army rate, whichever is higher.
I'd echo all of the above. Get your boss on side - if you can't then you have to either not go or get another boss. Harsh but that's life.

As to salary, when you turn up at Chilwell you give them P45s and /or pay slips for your civvy job and the TA. They add them up and you get that - unless your mil salary is more in which case you get that. Self-employed and contractors are more complex, and I'm not up on the details. There is an upper limit but it's huge.

As to pension, what most do is arrange for the Army to pay contributions direct to the employer as though you were still working.