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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rikki-333, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi ppl i done my BARB today and got offered a sheet of jobs. But im stuck between RE Driver and Infantry.. The problem is I love driving and hold a lincence for cars and would love to get my C&E, HAZMAT Lincence for later on in life after army..

    But on the flipside i would love to join infantry.. *Would i get my lincences in the infantry???*

    Im stuck between RE Driver, RE Armoured Driver or Infantry??

    Could anyone give me the pro's and con's of each and what they think..

    Ive been trying to choose between the two for weeks and need some help on this...

    At first I thought of royal sigs comms operator but i've heard its not what it lives up to be and i would like to be frontline..

    I was thinking of joining 1pwwr but i would like to earn some driving quals like C+E etc.. I asked my recruiter who is also a driving instructor in the army and he said everyone in the army nowadays get C+E, advanced driving etc..

    I was thinking RE Corps because you get the combat engineering skills to go with basic soldiering skills...

    Is there shit loads of stagging on in infantry compared to Royal engineers????

    And im not being fussy i just want a decent qual to take back to civi world when its all said and done..

    Any help appreciated!!! Soz for the long ass post just want some info on this plzz.. Thanks :eek:
  2. remember, in the army you are first and foremost a soldier, so be a driver, you'll get to shoot at somerone at some point im sure...
  3. "InfIdel" is Tottaly Right :) Soldier 1st Trade 2nd :) I want to Become a Royal Signals Driver Linesman Storeman, Or a Driver in the RE, im not sure on the pros and cons. but you do a fair amount of work outside perhaps lol
  4. thanks for the quick reply's.. Yeh i was leaning more to the driving side for the royal engineers.. But i would like to go on patrols as well on frontline.

    Is there any RE Drivers on here that could tell me what life as a RE Driver is like?? I see the pro's in royal engineer corps as you get all lincences, have extra training on combat engineering, Better ressetlement when the time comes for it!!

    And then i see the pro's for infantry as ELITE soldier, more on frontline line, probly more adventurous and challenging..

    But like im only a civi with limited knowledge so help would be much appreciated on pros and cons of each role..

    Thanks for the help Bannister.D + INFIDEL65..

    Is there nyone also in the trades that could shine some light on these two jobs on what there like???
  5. Try looking here if not already seen!!

  6. yeh i've looked there but very limited in what it tells you.. I need more info on them 3 job roles.. But thanks anyway..
  7. I recruited for 3 years so I'll try and help, although it was a number of years ago. Firstly, are they the only jobs on your list that float your boat? Most units across the board will, at some stage offer up the opportunity to get a full spread of licenses, as most will have an MT section/troop. I would sugggest that, if you fancy joining the infantry, then concentrate on the right courses that'll get you promoted, junior and senior Brecon, sniper etc, etc.
    If you want to drive then, go for the RE, you'll then get the chance to be armoured or field, which opens up loads of scope to get heavy plant licenses, and as already stated, at some point you'll get the chance to do some soldiering. Also, what you'll need to remember is, your recruiter is driven by numbers so they'll try and get you to join their Regiment/Corps to help their figures. Remember, think about what is best for you, ensure you get a full and honest answers to your questions. What was your BARB score if I may be so bold and do you have any quals from school?
  8. Hi thanks for reply. Im not sure what my barb score was but i would suggest it was pretty high. My g.c.s.e are four c's and three d's..

    At first i wanted to go in signals as comm op but then decided i prob get bored of comms and heard bad reviews on here about the job..

    If there is a chance to get most licences as infantry then i will prob go into that. Will you do any driving in infantry if you were on tour i.e 4x4's..

    I just like the way RE teach combat engineering and have that 9 weeks of extra combat engineering traing after basic...

    So i want to be soldier with high skills and drive as well. But its like i need to choose one or the other.. lol..

    Also on a rough guestimate do you think the RE has a longer waiting list then infantry???
    And do infantry spend half there time stagging??? (No direspect to infantry)

    Also when its all said and done which role would give you better resettlement prospects??

    Thanks Nemesis01
  9. I served with a FR(Formation Recce) Regiment before I came out, and in my experience, if you go to an Infantry Battalion or any Regiment for that matter, and aim to be a driver, you'll be severely mocked. MT was usually staffed by sickies and mongs, so if you're aiming to go Infantry, then concentrate on the skills that'll get you noticed and what makes the Infantry an integral part of the Army. Yes, you'll do your fair share of stagging on, but so does everyone, but I'm guessing you'll find it worthwhile.
    Field Engineers will get you heavy plant licenses and you'll be involved with all aspects of construction work, so a decent job for when you leave.
    Combat Engineers will get you driving the tracked gucci stuff, bridgelayers, AVRE type stuff. You'll also be involved with mining and de-mining, RE also have their own Recce element, who used to do the same Commanders Course as the Cavalry, so they're pretty clued up.
    With regards to wait times, I would imagine that many people will be trying to join as we're coming out of a recession and jobs are thin on the ground, so you could have a fair old wait. Not sure if any Infantry Battalions are still designated "Footprint", ie, they're that understrength, then they get priority.
    No disrespect to any Infanteers, but if you reckon you got a decent test score, then don't blow it on joining the Infantry. RE offers far better job prospects for when you decide to leave.
    Whatever you decide, you'll do your fair share of soldiering. Soldier first, trade second.
  10. Brilliant post.. I might go for RE then and i've heard on here that you could possibly re-trade within the RE corp if you really wanted to in a good few years..

    If im more of a practical technical minded person would the RE be better for me to use my skills??

    Do RE's get to go on different tours from afghan like South Armagh in ireland and that??

    Thanks for helping..
  11. Wherever the Army are serving, you'll find a Sqn or Tp of Engineers, for the reasons stated above. With the Engineers being a Corps, there's more scope for you to move around, they have their own Para Sqn and I've seen Commando trained Engineers cutting about, so, if you're feeling extra fit and want to be more ally than the Paras, 9 Sqn could be for you. If you like fixing stuff, or building stuff, or even blowing stuff up then the Engineeers it is. I did a Support Troopers course with RE many years ago, we learnt how to blow stuff up, route denial, a bit of boat handling and buggering about with chain saws, and making booby traps and IED's.
  12. Thanks Nemesis01 you have been a great help after some research on google and this thread I have decided RE would be a better option for my skill set soon as i used to be a roofer and coachbuilder so stick to what im good at..
    Also i will get too soldier as well so its the best of both worlds while building skills aswell... And if i wanted to soldier more i could try to get in the paras or commandos...

    And again thanks Nemesis01 for the co-operation and help...
  13. No problem, try and track down a serving Engineer just to confirm/deny what I've said. I've been out for 2 years now, so my info could be out dated. Best of luck.
  14. yeh i managed to ask a friend in RE this morning and he gave it the deffo thumbs up.. Thanks...