Job Role for an Apache SSM

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Can somebody tell me what their job actually is? I am having difficulty understanding now you have a FARP SSgt, Ground Support Officer or FARP Officer, Int Sgt etc etc. Maybe they are scared of being found out........................."Flying for the Guns"!!!!
  2. Many years ago in the maple Sqn we had to do this exclusive and very pathetically acted skit about groundies in a trench talking about the future with Apache. We had to do it all the time for VIP visitors and the OC, who's name is also remeniscent of the rear end muscle group, used to have orgasms. What will always stick in my mind was the final line.....supposedly said by an Air Trooper to his SSM........ saying that he would be out of a job in the Apache era.

    On my grapevine, Im hearing that there is to be a big WO2 slaying party in the AAC.

  3. I think the SSM should double hat as the FARP Commander........Probably not the best thing to say but those who are already in the AH era will see a point to this? what do you all think?

  4. AH sqns still have ration rolls to complete and duty rosters to fill dont they?

    AAC SSM. Easiest job in the world aint it? :roll:

    Warden, remember the skits. It was funny the first 200 times I saw it!
  5. Of course they have Tea and Toast to get to on a dialy basis as well. I bypassed the SSM job and therfore rarely made it to T and Toast, but was always told it was where the work got done!!

    Flash-> 200 times!! <- You have been told a million times not to exagerate.
  6. Targets will fall when hit, anyone..........?
  7. I have stood in as SSM in the past.

    08:15 Met brief
    08:30 Fill in ration roll
    08:35 Fill in duty roster for the following month (ensuring a proper system was in place so as to make it fair. Ie a roladex of everyones name, placing names to the back if they had just done one etc. As opposed to the 'system' that was in place at the time - randomness written on the back of a fag packet, people getting jiffed at short notice due to non-man management)
    08:45 Discipline cases (few and far between due to Sigs/MT SNCO's ensuring their blokes 'screwed the bobbin'. Aircrew are SNCO/Officer so not that much to worry about).
    08:50 Sort in tray. (MT and manpower requests, functions, up coming visits)
    08:55 Update diary
    09:00 Go back to normal daily job - flying.

    I could never work out why the actual SSM used to run around with his head on fire all day.


  8. Maybe I'm about to talk some utter tripe (for a change) but in for a penny, in for a pound.

    I am not an SSM nor ever have been! But I do believe that the SSM has an unseen job to play in keeping the central core of any Sqn working properly.

    He/She should be the focal point of any issues both up and down the rank chain within the Sqn and if you think of an hour glass the SSM should be the slim slither of glass that the sand slips through.

    He/she has to to analyse the morale of the troops and adjust and advise Flt Commdrs and OC as necessary.

    He/She is responsible for ensuring that all soldiers within the unit are fit to fight and porperly trained.

    He/She is also the unit disciplinarian, a vital and pivotal role.

    He/She is what all soldiers at point of entry should aspire to become.

    He/She should nuture the OC and officers into thinking about the Sqn manpower and morale levels when planning routine and urgent Sqn responsibilities.

    He/She should be given our full support.
  9. Well said, Mutt.

    When is this going to come in then? :roll:

    (Like your PC conformity concerning He/She. Don't think we have any (doris's) near that position yet have we? Nearest being CC I guess unless we ship some old RLC growler wearing comfy shoes in).
  10. Meant to add, I have not heard anything about a culling of WO2 Groundcrew? Quite the reverse with applications being sought to keep some of the current stock on beyond 22 years.
  11. Of course, this could be linked to the Soldier First / Aviator First debate. If its soldier first then then Muttley is correct and the SSM has a chance of survival. If however, it's aviator first then as Flash points out the SSM job gets done in 30 minutes.

    Then again, with all those Lx and Gz pilots not doing owt all day, one of them could cover all of the SSM tasks raised by Muttley with ease.
  12. MPSman, where are all these Lx & Gz people lazing around? Think its another urban myth!

    Aviation or Soldier first it remains the same. If anything the AH SSM has even more work to do as his OC will predominantly have his head up his A**e in the AH planning bubble etc leaving his 2i/c and SSM to run the show. The FARP Commander is simply that, a FARP commander and thats where he should be. I dont understand why there is a need to ascertain what an SSM does or should do? He/She should do what all previous SSM's have done (not always successfully) which is drive the Sqn whilst the OC steers it.
  13. Why have they taken the doughnuts off in Afghanistan? Is it weight, lack of utilty or training?
  14. Bit off thread here, but it would only be for weight versus fuel/ammo trade off owing to temperature and height.
  15. You mean you used to try on his jumper when he wasn't around.

    We all knwo they won't give you a crown and Manning and Records wrote this about you...

    'No way Flash is getting his Warrant, the cnut will think the crowns on his head not his arm............................ and that tache is soooooooo 80s' :D