Job Role Decision

Hi all, first post here so be gentle!

I'm mid-way through the application process right now and I'm stumbling a little on job preferences between either a VM or Air Tech.
My long term plan and ultimate goal is to become a pilot for the AAC. I've wanted to fly ever since I was a kid.
I'm aware of the minimum service requirements and so on so I'm good there, but I'm wavering on my job role for the interim service.

On the one hand, I feel like it'd be worth getting a job focused around the rotary fleet as an aircraft technician to "get my foot in the door" as it were. Talk to the right people, impress the right seniors etc.
On the other hand, I think I'd enjoy spending my career as a vehicle mechanic more should things fall through (which let's face it, is a very high likelihood).

Don't get me wrong, I'd thoroughly enjoy both roles no matter what I settle with but I reckon being a VM would interest me the most out of the two.
So my question is: How valuable would the "foot in the door" benefits of working in and around the fleet be upon application to transfer a few years down the line? Would it be seen favourably that I'd been involved in the aircraft and their operation prior to applying for the pilot role? If it would gain favour, would the gain be worth it?

Any insight would be much appreciated!

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