Job References?

After calling it a day a couple of years ago, I wandered away from ARRSE to a pleasant existence as a full-time father and househusband. But now it seems that only ARRSE can help me.

With my youngest soon to start school and financial pressures increasing, I'm looking at going back to work and have hit a snag. I'm well qualified, with a good career track record and plenty of openings to apply for, but they all require me to give references (of course!).

Unfortunately, I've lost touch with most of my former comrades and those I still have numbers for all seem to be deployed (either that, or they still owe me money and are hiding under the bed). Moreover, most of those were colleagues rather than commanders and of the ones I'd actually like a reference from they've been posted on to God knows where, retired or otherwise dropped off the radar.

So who can I call to help me get a reference? Resettlement were helpful but ignorant and APC is giving me the runaround.

If there are any ARRSErs in the RAMC RHQ or former Commanders of 2 Medical Brigade reading this, please PM me.

In your covering letter of application tell the potential employer the truth. You have your red book from the army and that you've been staying at home looking after the family. With all the laws these days this should be enough to get you back on track. If they block you for looking after the family it's sex discrimination.

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