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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by muzz, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. daft question and not sure where to put this but.....

    Would doing four years as an infantry ranker following uni (on a scholarship with 3 years to run doing a decent course from a reputable joint) negatively impact on my future job prospects on civi street?

    What I mean is would potential employers look down on me for being 26-27 and applying for jobs aimed at people 3-4 years younger? (I noticed that here in aus all the firms/companies/gov depts recruit people straight out of uni through their "graduate recruitment programs")

    If this is the case would it be better to turf in uni now sign up and worry about the tertiary education/following career etc later?


  2. the basic line is it depends what you want from your life,
    the army will definatley give you a certain amount of skills and training that are desirable for civvy street - discipline, time keeping managerial etc.. - but how long it will take you to get said tools is anyones guess,
    think hard about what you want to do, if you want army life but still want the degree adn civvy life why not try the TA, best of both worlds then....
    hope this helps
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I can't think of any reason a stint in the Army would dissadvantage you over a civi.
  4. Why woud you want to do service as a ranker after a degree? Why not go officer? It certainly wouldn't harm your CV. Then again, what is your motive for joining for 4 years only? Why join at all?
    Some employers view military service as a kind of proving ground which shows you're fit, determined and have leadership qualities. Some just don't recognise it at all.
    I'm doing a part time social work degree after 22 years and to be honest the majority of mature students on my course view me as a psychopathic, politically incorrect mass murderer. The majority of the lecturers however see someone with massive life experience and a true asset. My employer realises he's got someone who will go the extra mile, never takes time off sick and reacts faster than most when the shit has hit the fan.
    Weigh it all up. Is the degree essential? Is 4 years service essential? What effect will your time in the infantry have on your future line of work?
    I suppose it all depends on what line of work you're going into.
    Graduate recruiting programmes normally follow a sponsorship. They put you through uni and you owe them time after. A scholarship suggests that. Some go to 'graduate fairs' and recruit from that. Again, it depends on what job you're after. Hopefully you'll let us all know that bit of the jigsaw and the people on here will be better placed to advise.
    I left after 22 with an HNC, an NVQ6 and a resettlement grant to put me through uni. Add to that the experience and leadership qualifications and I've found nothing but opportunities. There certainly is life after DPM.
  5. thanks for the replies

    dickie heres the rest of my story as requested:

    Well my original plans of going to ADFA/Duntroon here in Australia went down the tube when I was told i couldn't comission into the Infantry/RAAC/gunners because of their analness regarding defective colour perception.

    I've got the ok for service in the British infantry as an o.r and outside of residency requirements which I probably wouldn't meet for entry to Sandhurst I don't really think I "have what it takes" or even the drive anymore to become an officer be honest.

    The main reason I want to come over is to do a tour and experience life as a soldier (same reason as most Infantrymen I suppose) and see how it goes from there but I don't think I'd ever be a 22 year RSM or anything like that. Its quite common here in aus for blokes to only do the minimum ROSO of four years before moving on.

    Im studying a BA (Int. relations + philosophy) and a BComm (Finance) jointly at the moment so in the scheme of things I could end up anywhere from diplomacy to merchant banking or maybe law if I do a JD post-grad. Not entirely inspiring really.

    sorry for the essay. muzz.
  6. All the very best of luck to you Muzz. It's always good to hear that some people out there still see experience and challenges as vital to personal growth. With that attitude alone I'm sure you'll succeed in whatever you do.